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OK I wanna preface this by saying that star wars galaxy of heroes (SWGOH) is WAY better than marvel strike force (MSF) for many reasons.

If you watch the video you will see the two biggest youtubers in SWGOH and MSF compare the two games and I can not sit idely by while they talk down on SWGOH and praise MSF.

First off, MSF is far more p2w than SWGOH. I have played both games since infancy and I guarantee you MSF is a far larger cash grab than SWGOH. Do not be swayed by the fact that MSF is in an earlier stage of the life cycle than SWGOH.

Secondly SWGOH has far more DIVERSE game modes and although it does focus on making money, it does so in a way that you live through sagas of the star wars universes.

MSF consists of only money making methods. It is based solely on taking as much cash from you as possible and it's game mechanics are agregously more predative from stark tech to red stars to how they manage orbs and rewards of any nature.

The YouTubers are clearly upset with the status quo as per the game changer developments and have a clearly biased opinion towards promoting MSF.

SO I urge anyone who watched the video to think twice about changing game or if you spend to urge you to stay here because MSF is a much larger sink hole and far less worth it than SWGOH.


  • I don’t think they are trying to sway players from one game to the other.
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    I don’t think they are trying to sway players from one game to the other.

    Agree with this. IIRC, the Game Changer program effectively prevented them from creating content for other games, including MSF. Now that the program has dissolved, all the Yourtubers are free to create whatever content they want on whatever topic they please. Highly doubt any non-SWGOH videos are trying to sway the player base away from this game.
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    I wouldn't know. Tried to download MSF on my samsung: "Marvel Strike Force is not compatible with this device. Tried to download it on my ipad2: "Marvel Strike Force is not compatible with this device". Then tried it with my ipad4: "Marvel Strike Force is not compatible with this device". Great. A new game that can't be played on any devices.

    Anyway, I like the Star Wars universe more, so I'll survive without it.
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    As someone who watched the video and believe the former GameChangers sometimes throw temper tantrums, the video was very fair.

    Overall, they state SWGOH is the best mobile game they've played, but there is more things to do in MSF, so they play it more.
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    Hard to imagine another game that you can throw $5,000 in and not have half the inventory. If Msf is really worse than that, then i’ll never play it
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    Both games have their flaws, and both games have their good points. I’ve played both since launch ( was in beta for MSF) and I enjoy both. MSF does have more to do and I do wish that some on the things on their would make their way towards swgoh. One thing is dark dimension. I think that mode would fit great in swgoh. It would give us something to do when everything else is done.

    And another thing they do that would help out here.....They REFRESH the stores, they don’t get beyond stale like the ones here. Biggest pet peeve about swgoh.
  • I'd bet they're talking about Strike Force only as a way to get under CG's skin. It's mostly posturing trying to light a fire under the developers. As someone who has played both, I can't imagine anyone who isn't obsessed with Marvel switching to that game and finding it a sanctuary.
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    Yeah I don't think you heard the part that we said SWGoH is better than MSF lol Galaxy of Heroes is far better than MSF but there is a lot of stuff SWGoH could learn from MSF and that is the point we were making. To say SWGoH can't learn or take anything from MSF to be better is very ignorant. SWGoH is awesome but it has its own flaws. We aren't trying to tell people to stop playing this game, quite the opposite frankly and there is nothing wrong with wanting to talk or play other games. I think its important to keep an open mind and consider that other games might have some good aspects about themselves that is worth incorporating into this game. Hope that clarifies things for you since it seems like you kind of misunderstood the commentary a bit.
  • play games without microtransactions already ....

    **** u know modern games are bad when no microtransactions is the selling point for a game lol
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