Raid sim - Calculation of the 35 Han

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Hi everyone,

We have an issue in our guid. We were 35 han 7* 3 days ago, then one member upped his han so theoricaly we were 36 han 7*.
So i kick out one inactive member and if i'm not wrong we went 35 han 7*.
But Yesterday, the app says that there is only 34 han 7* and that we can't sim the raid !!!

We checked with the CrouchingRancorBot yesterday and it confirm the 35 Han7*

Note that all members have been connected to the game between the time i kick the inactive member and the time Sim Rancor began.

Do you know what could possibly be wrong ?

Thanks and sorry for any english mistakes ;)


  • This reply wont help you, but at least I'll get some frustration out. Once a guild achieves 50 H Pit wins or 35 Hans Solos, especially, that should be it for the guild. OUR guild is stuck at 10 Hans, although we have 55 wins. We kick out people if they repeatedly don't participate in TWs. So I guess that means we will never reach 35 Hans. Good luck to you.

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