How to deathstorm with initiate g12 ?

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How to make a good deathstorm in p3 with g12/13 initiate ? "Good" = she gets to die without traya putting isolation on anyone


  • haysswa1
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    I don't think you can but not sure. I was using the Anakin squad with my gear 9 initiate stripped of mods and still had to restart dozens of times just for her to die 1st. It was plenty annoying to say the least. I'm glad I got my traya to 7* last raid cause I'm soooo ready to retire from that raid. I've posted and posted in guild chat on how someone else can get it going but I don't think they have the patience to continually restart as much as I had to just for rngjesus to finally smile upon me.
    Good luck and game on!
  • Haha, you geared her up. What a sucker! Git Gud bro!

    In all seriousness though you will never score as high as someone who left her at gear 1. You really are kind of screwed. Do you have a low gear spirit by any chance? Otherwise you kind of have to hope the right characters die and zombie has taunt during isolate.
  • Jarvind
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    Mine's at G10 and I find it way too frustrating to try to get her to die. Even with no mods on she has a ridiculous amount of health. I just gave up and started running the phase 4 team instead.

  • Aydnie
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    Mine is at g7, but im asking for a friend who played ns since talzin and zombie ever existed
  • Debuff
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    I have my iniate at g6 and its not hard to get this to work. I dont even mess with mods. Throw them in and control the sabers.

    After 1 topple AV is hitting for 300k even if you cant get another topple u can still finish 75% of p3.

    This is way easier to run than P1 with jtr
  • Run a team to get her cooldown to 3 on isolate then using sisters is your only hope
  • I have a gear 8 initiate for the NS deathstorm Anakin team. Would her zeta help or is it not necessary?
  • I have a gear 8 initiate for the NS deathstorm Anakin team. Would her zeta help or is it not necessary?

    Initiate isn’t there for damage, don’t bother with her zeta.
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