This games RNG is the worst

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I have two issues about challenges that I'd like to point out / discuss.

1st - STR Gear Challenge (Attackers) Monday, Thursday & Sunday
I wish I would have made a chart and track this over the last year, but I've never seen more then 5 pieces of MK 3 Carbanti Sensor Array Salvage ever. I typically get between 3 to 5, but can't say I've ever seen 6 or 7. Either update your drop rates so occasionally we see 6 or 7, or change possible reward of tier V to reflect 5.

2nd - Ever since you fixed the Ship Ability Materials for Tier IV to always drop 1 Zeta, I have not gotten a single Omega material. I realize that it is only a possibility, and you can get between 0 to 2 per time, but I've seen 0 since the last update. Wondering if anyone else has had this issue.
It's nice to get a guaranteed 1 zeta per time, but I need Omega's to match otherwise it won't keep up.


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    Everyone gets 3-5 carbs pretty much every time. Just accept 5 as the max and if you win the lottery, hurray!

    The omega thing is, as you say, RNG. That doesn't make it the worst, it just is what it is. It's not connected to the update either.
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