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I agree, that the past matchup were not really well thought, but now it is even worse. I'm matching players with up to 1M more GP (first GAC i had 2,75M and played against 3,75M - won). Now i have ~2,8M and my final opponent has ~3,5M. Even though he has no Drevan, it is no big thing for him setting 6 defense teams with an average of 100k power, many zetas and good mods, that i am not able to complete all 6 fields (1 is missing). He cleared all, of course, cause i only have 85-90k teams (except chewan team or something).

So the question is, if we have the gp staggered/tiered in divisions, why don't we use this opportunity? In my group are only 2 in division 4 (my division), the rest is division 3. Furthermore a win against higher divisions is not weighing more so that i receive more points for heavier opponents. That means that people with not that good rosters can be on a very good rank, just because they were lucky at matchmaking.

I think GAC is a great mode, but as it is working at the moment, it will let me quit the game once.
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