Canadian Instinct - ~212M gp, easy going, looking for one more

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Hey there folks,

Canadian Instinct is an active, friendly, easy going yet competitive, independent ~212M gp guild and we currently have 1 opening that we'd like to fill. Prefer that you have a minimum of 4M gp but that’s not a hard requirement, just better for both you and us.

Some guild details: 5 GLs and more working towards them, heroic raids, only join TW if you’ll participate, Geo TBs (10 * LS, 20 * DS) and you're expected to do your deploys at a minimum.

We keep things pretty light because we work better together when the game and our group remain fun to all. Bottom line is we're an enjoyable place to play while remaining competitive.

If you want more info either message me here, or in-game, or pop into our optional Discord (5KYtnG9).

Hope to see you soon.

Canadian Instinct
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