Asajj + reworked Poggle could be a good combo for getting Padmé

A bunch of people (myself included) managed to unlock Padmé by using mainly only Asajj, due to all of her damage and healing. I took another look at Poggle’s new unique just now and realized that the bonuses he grants through his unique (Separatist allies without Hive Mind have +25% Offense, and gain an additional 25% Offense for each defeated ally) would work really well with Asajj and might’ve even been designed with the Padmé event in mind. Plus poggle gives offense up and has a group cleanse. I think Geo Spy will also be good for the event, solely because of his damage. I’ve seen mine at g8 with bad mods critting in GW for over 60k, I wouldn’t be surprised if he could potentially one-shot someone like JKA. Not sure which two other characters will work best to round out the team. Anyways just food for thought, I’m definitely going to use them when Padmé returns.


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