Question - Growth Modifiers

Sorry if this is a noob question or it's been answered elsewhere. I've looked everywhere I could think of to find an answer, but with no success.

Are the growth modifiers retroactive? If they are, it makes no difference whether you level up a character or increase their stars first. However, if they are not, you could cripple a character permanently by increasing their level massively (granting them very few small in strength, agility, and intelligence each level) before increasing their star rating (which increases their growth modifier).


  • I had the same question when I first started, and the answer that was given to me is no matter how you upgrade your character you will never do it the wrong way, so yes they are retroactive from everything that I've been told, on this forum
  • Awesome! Thank you!
  • Another way to put it is that any char with the same equipment and starts will be exactly the same, regardless of hiw level him/her. It's like a multiplication, the order of factors doesn't matter.
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    Unlike most tcg style games where min/maxing is a thing, it doesn't exist here thankfully. There's no way to waste or ruin your character's by taking different paths.
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