Genosian Soldier or Luke?

I need a new Attacker who is fairly easy to farm. I've heard good things with both but not sure where to commit


  • Skywalker , why not?
  • Thats a tough one........luke....unless ur gonna, luke. .......we'll if u build a ..luck.......

  • Do you not have round 4 unlocked? That's where Kylo can be found. Seems like a pretty good attacker. Although for now, Luke is a known quantity whereas Kylo is not
  • Between the 2, Luke
  • Thanks for the replies. Luke it is
  • Time
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    meanpride wrote: »
    Thanks for the replies. Luke it is

    If you are going for luke, you need to go all the way as he doesnt become strong until late when you get his crit way up there. I have him at 5 star now and he is very strong, but at 3 star he was pretty mediocre because he didnt crit much and his kit is based around critting.
  • Go with Geonosian, he's easier to farm...
  • I use the gs on my team. I really like his ult skill it comes in handy esp when you lvl him up and he can ult every other attack. He also crits often. Lvl 51 as of right now and 4*. He is easily farmable but I'm also farming consular stones and Talia stones from the same table. So I've got his stones on the back burner until I can 6* my consular.
  • I like Datcha as a an early attacker. Last mission In cantina stage 2.

    He lays down some nice damage when upgraded and his stealth gives him a better chance of survival in PvP
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