Game freezing

So I was playing my GA match. Opponent posted up a pretty weak NS team so I was really happy that I would be able to beat up on zombie to finish up my feat. Had my Basti, JKA, Ezra, OB squad easily rmoved all the NS except Talia and Zombie and set it on auto to kill zombie x 20. When I was almost done the game froze which resulted in 3 things.

1. I lost the fight vs NS
2. I got no credit for killing NS with JKA about 20 times
3. I had to go back in with another squad and kill the NS again which caused me to lose 20pts for first time.

Now this is the first time this has ever happened to me but other people have reported game freezes including youtubers. This is very detrimental to GA imo and it especially hurts people with smaller rosters matched up against bigger rosters (typically true in my cause). I would like the developers to really address this. I know its not going to bring any money to fix a bug like this but I am a paying customer and game freezing during GAC match is really bad.

Thanks in advance!


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    To help get this addressed you will need to report this Answers HQ.
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