GAC Leaderboard Rankings and Matchups

The new matchmaking/ranking system is very flawed and needs to be fixed. The current system matches players with the same top 80 character GP. This results in weaker players vs weaker players, and stronger players vs stronger players. It has worked in the sense that the match ups are less walkover than before. However, the leaderboards should reflect who the BEST players are, not who got the most easy match ups.

For example, I am a division 2 player and I could easily beat some of the players in the top 50. Some of the players that are in top 50 only got there because they face other, weak players and win against them. Does that mean they are better than me? It shouldn't. Out of 9 rounds of the new matchmaking, I have ONLY faced players with 400-500k+ GP more than myself. One of my matches I faced a player with 166 G12's whereas I had 69 G12's at the time.
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