A few reasonable requests - thoughts?

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1. A system to measure raid ticket contributions for the previous day/week/etc. I can't always be at my phone exactly at payout time to see who's putting in 600, just holding the stats for one more day would be amazing.

2. A way to ping players who haven't yet hit 600, just like pinging for TW or TB

3. A way to lock all players into a raid when it starts, mostly for rewards if they happen to be on vacation. I want my players to grow, I don't care about 0 scores.

4. An in-guild dueling system so we can practice with our squads for TW or GA. And also for measuring superior anatomy against another's inferior anatomy as proven by winning.

5. Donating sim tickets to our newer players

6. Ability to turn low level salvage into the next higher tier at a 100:1 ratio.

7. A better in-game recruiting system with more search criteria, and the ability to search for players (by GP, or by roster) as a guild leader the same way players can search by GP or total members.

8. An actual ability to place a GP minimum or limit in TW zones so we don't have to scold players who make mistakes.

9. Padawan system so new players aren't a drain for bigger guilds, somehow...

10. Larger chat text limit

11. Ability to promote to more than member, but less than officer, or ability to limit who has access to "remove player"

12. Remove the "disband guild" button, and move the abandon raid button to somewhere very difficult to accidentally press. Make disband something done on it's own tab/screen.

13. HAAT sim

14. Auto-deploy feature for when TB is close to done so idle players GP doesn't go down a hole. Make it something an officer sets so that when the timer is reached, all of the unused GP applies itself to a specific zone.

15. Keep improving this lovely game.

Thanks for reading!
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