Description for Abilities Not Updating on Improvement and "Strike Fear" ability


I have two bugs to report. One is that for Barriss, when you improve her ability, the description for the next ability does not give you the next ability but the one you just bought. I don't know if this occurs for other characters (it didn't for Dooku, Chewie, and Resistance Trooper), but I noticed it with her in particular.

For Ventress, her Strike Fear ability has two problems: 1) It gets "resisted" a lot, making it useless 2) When it does work, it doesn't always show the positive buff being removed


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    I agree. Ventress "Strike Fear" does get resisted alot. I don't see why it should be able to get resisted if at all.

    Her abillity is to remove a buff. Other characters have abilities to add a buff without fail.

    The nightsisters have so much potential, but it's things like this that just ruin it
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