Desann and Tavion Kit Reveal (FAN MADE)

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CATEGORIES: Dark Side, Remnant, Sith, Leader, Attacker

Intimidating Remnant and Sith leader who dominates individual enemies and has anti-jedi synergies


BASIC: Overpowering Cleave


FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy. This attack ignores armor, cannot be evaded, and deals 5% bonus damage to Jedi for each buff on them.

Special 1: Your Efforts are in Vain (Cooldown 3)


FINAL TEXT: Remove all buffs from all enemies. Then inflict Tenacity Down on all enemies for 2 turns, which can't be resisted.

Special 2: Dominate the Weak (Cooldown 3)


FINAL TEXT: Inflict Pathetic Weakness for 3 turns on target enemy.
Pathetic Weakness: Target enemy cannot gain buffs, has -50% Tenacity, -25% Speed, can only target Desann during their turn, and deal 50% less damage to Desann. This effect cannot be copied, dispelled, Evaded, or Resisted.

Leadership: Empower the Worthy


FINAL TEXT (ZETA): Remnant and Sith allies gain 40% Offense and +25 Armor Penetration and Accuracy. Whenever a Remnant unit's detrimental effect is resisted, that unit gains Potency Up for 2 turns and all allies gain 5% Turn Meter for each effect resisted. Whenever an enemy evades an attack, all Remnant allies gain 20% turn meter.
At the start of battle, Remnant allies gain +30 Speed and all allies gain Defense Penetration for 2 turns and 50% bonus Protection.

Unique: The Strong Survive


FINAL TEXT (ZETA): Remnant allies have +30% bonus Tenacity and Defense while they have protection and 20% Critical Immunity and Defense while they have full health. Sith allies gain half those amounts. When a Sith or Remnant ally is at or above 50% health, they heal for 10% of their max Health at the start of their turn. Whenever an ally is defeated, all remaining Remnant and Sith allies heal for 25% of their max Health and Protection and gain 50% turn meter. Whenever an enemy is defeated, all Sith and Remnant allies gain 10% max Health, Protection, Defense, Critical Immunity, and Offense (max 50%).




CATEGORIES: Dark Side, Remnant, Sith, Tank

Fast Sith and Remnant tank with high evasion and a taunt


BASIC: Painful Sting


FINAL TEXT: Deal physical damage to target enemy, which can't be countered. If this attack is an assist, then it can't be evaded.

Special: Sadistic Boast (Cooldown 2)


FINAL TEXT: Tavion gains Evasion Up, Foresight, and Taunts for 1 turn. If she takes damage while taunting, she looses Taunt and gains 25% Turn Meter. Whenever an enemy falls below 50% Health, Tavion gains 50% Turn Meter.

Unique 1: Hidden Cowardice


FINAL TEXT: Whenever Tavion falls below 75% Health, she gains Stealth and Speed Up for 2 turns. While Stealthed, Tavion has +50% Health Steal.

Unique 2: Adept Apprentice


FINAL TEXT (ZETA): If Desann is present, both Tavion and Desann gain 20% Critical Chance and Critical Damage. Tavion is called to assist whenever Desann uses an ability or damages an enemy who has "Pathetic Weakness". Tavion has 20% bonus evasion (does not stack with bonus Evasion gained from leadership abilities) and has a 50% chance to inflict accuracy down on any enemy who damages her.


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