Is dooku stunning more now?

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I am seeing dooku stun alot more since the patch. Anyone else noticing the same?


  • lunarwolf
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    yes - seems like 100% and he often stuns 2 characters, not just jedi, my daka, sid and GS get 100% stunned by him

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    I noticed that since the update too. It looks like they may be trying to shift the meta by stealth buffing Dooku and fixing his leader ability. Too bad they had to choose a toon with so much power against all the jedi that they just made us farm...
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  • Dekayingsoul
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    These is absolutely no need to buff Dooku to get him to stun every time (I have not had that luck while playing him), his potency is 220% no one without Yoda's buff should be able to resist it when the characters with the highest tenacity is only in the 50s.
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