G12 Finishers Update

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

There has been lots of discussion around G12 Finishers since release and we want to remind players that this gear is unique to a character, cannot be used on the same character twice, and cannot be used on another unit. We will be refunding all duplicate G12 Finishers that have been crafted in today’s Server Update. Please note that this will not prevent players from crafting duplicates after the update. We are working to add more apparent notification in a future update but in general, we recommend double checking whatever you are crafting before you tap the button.

In addition to returning all materials used to craft duplicate G12 Finishers in a Server Update later today, we are investigating several longer term changes for a future update:
  • Changing the name for all G12 Finishers to include the name of the character they can be applied to
  • We are exploring ways to make this interaction more obvious such as a double confirmation process or prevent crafting duplicates entirely

Keep an eye out for the Server Update notes.
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