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Using a grievous lead Sep droid team in arena I've had this happen several times recently going up against jkr where one of the droids dies grievous should get his extra turn and the match just freezes. Making it almost impossible to climb in arena with how much this is happening, I normally switch between padme and grievous teams to climb between dre and jkr but keep getting stuck behind Jedi Revan due to timeouts.


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    CG_SBCrumb wrote: »
    Hi Holotable Heroes,

    We have just released a client hotfix to the Google and iOS app stores. This hotfix includes bug fixes and some additional logging to help us track down a couple of evasive issues. You can visit your respective apps stores to update immediately or we will require all players to update with the next content release.

    • [GENERAL] - Made a few changes to help better manage memory on iOS devices, which should help reduce the amount of memory related crashes
    • [GENERAL] - Fixed an issue where some ship battles resulted in a soft lock where all ability icons disappeared and players were forced to restart the game
    • [GUILD EVENT] - Fixed an issue where a player could advance to a “non-existent” phase in Territory Battles if the player remained in the map preview after the end of the final phase

    • [GENERAL] - There have been multiple reports of missing ability icons, or icons disappearing during extended battles. We are continuing to investigate these issues, and have added specific logging to help track down this issue in today’s update
    • [GENERAL] - You may still encounter memory management issues on iOS devices but we are continuing to work to track down and improve these issues
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