Guild Recruitment Advert 'Bumps'

I am heavily involved in attempting to recruit new members for my guild on the forum and before I started doing this I made sure to read the guidelines for this in the 'Guild and Recruitment Index' thread. In here I noticed in response to the FAQ "Are Bumps Allowed" it says "No: "bump", "up", ".", or anything else that adds no new meaning."

Naturally I've always endeavoured to adhere to this and whenever I want to "bump" my guild's ad I attempt to provide some new information. For example, I will mention when spaces become available, give an update on our TW performance or encourage people to join in time for our next TW. As you can imagine this can easily sound repetitive and stale so I limit the times I do this somewhat to avoid doing it for the sake of it and breaking the no bumps rule.

Lately I've noticed however that many others don't share my courtesy in following this rule and so bump their posts frequently without any attempt to 'add new meaning' and very often very blatantly just comment "bump" resulting in my guild's ad being sent further and faster into obscurity.

As someone who does their best to operate fairly and within these rules it is of course disappointing that this directly damages the chances of people seeing my guild's ad and so makes recruitment far more difficult. The obvious solution to me would be to remind people on the guild recruitment forum of this rule and to begin enforcing it by removing the posts from guilds who are blatantly bumping their posts in contravention of this rule. To make enforcing this easier I would suggest the best place to start looking is the recruitment posts listed as having hundreds or even thousands of replies, I'm sure a portion of those posts are legitimately maintained but I'm confident many more are not and have personally seen many examples.

If any forum moderators see this post I hope you recognise this as an issue for people who try to follow the forum rules so please take action in this regard.
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