Emperors demise upcoming event help?

Could anyone tell me what they think the minimum requirements for the emperor palpetine event at 7* will be? I’ve got a Phoenix team and I may get them all 7* in time but I’m curious as to how geared they will need to be. Would gear 7 be enough? Let me know thanks! :)


  • My guess is no.

    The event isn't as demanding as Thrawn at all, but G7 on all of them might be a bit rough.

    I only got to 5* last time but I do recall that the Stuns from Royal Guard started to get annoying at 5* for a minute or 2, so I'm assuming that at 7* they will be REALLY annoying like in the Empire Assault Battles mission.
  • PS. Worst case scenario is your using a 5/6* Palpatine for 90 days and I can tell you he works fine at 5*.

    Totally added a new element to my Empire team that took them to new levels.
  • Yeah yeah exacly is just feel a bit annoyed if I got close to 7* but couldn’t make it. True but I’ll take a 6* palpetine happily until next time round
  • I didn’t see you first message and yeah I could imagine the stuns will be super obnoxious! I might actually get a few of them to gear 8 too 🤷‍♂️
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