The Road Ahead - 7/29/2019 [MEGA]

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

It’s time again for another Road Ahead. As CG_Erik, mentioned last week I’ll be taking over writing the Road Ahead posts. If you haven’t seen my name pop-up before, I’m the Live Producer. The Live Operations team is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the game. We introduce new characters, ships, and events. I’m really excited to talk about what’s coming next.

With that said, let’s step into the Cantina and see what the future has in store for the next few months.

The Battle Rages On...

It’s been a few weeks since Separatist Might landed and we’ve already seen guilds do some incredible things. Team Instinct and Mighty Chlοrians were the first guilds to get to at least 30 stars! Congratulations to both Team Instinct and Mighty Chlorians and good luck on the march to 33 stars! Also, about 80 players have beaten the Acklay! Crush the Republic scum and conquer Geonosis!

You may be wondering, “Is this the end of our focus on the Clone Wars era?” Far from it! After reworking the Geonosians we asked ourselves what could we work on next? How could it be the Clone Wars without taking a pass at the clone troopers themselves? We’re going to be updating a select few of the clones as they prepare for future battles. We hope fans aren’t too divided on the ones we selected - we’ve gone through something like 500 different iterations on which ones we should update!

Our Clone Wars invasion ultimately culminates in the release of the second half of the Geonosis Territory Battle - the light side. On the light side, you’ll battle against the dreaded Droid Army and the villains of the Separatist council. We’ve got some new units making an appearance to support the war effort that will leave you slapping your forehead in disbelief. We have a few other surprises in store, but revealing more would strain our benevolence. You won’t have to scavenge for long, as the light side reeks of great content.

Unlocking Iconic Power

Star Wars is a galaxy filled with objects just as recognizable as the characters that wield them: Darth Vader’s mask, Hermit Yoda’s cane, Rey’s quarterstaff, Darth Maul’s lightsaber, and more. While we’ve done our best to represent many of these objects on the character models themselves, we believe that there is something inherently mythical about these iconic items.

Traditionally, progression and power in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has been represented by abstracted stars, gear, or modifications to your character card. In the coming months, we’re excited to begin talking about the next phase of character progression in the game, revolving around unlocking and mastering power represented by a unique item associated with each and every character in the game.

Finally, what if these items not only granted you immense character power, including potentially brand-new abilities, but if they were also enhanced using the massive quantities of accumulated unspent gear and materials that longtime players have piled up over years of collecting and playing?

Our goal is to not only make the game feel more truly connected to the Star Wars galaxy, but also to reward longtime players for all of their dedication over the years, and make players feel like everything they’ve ever collected and amassed in the game matters. We’re excited to talk about this new feature more in the coming weeks and months!

See you on the holotables.

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  • zegene
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    Those thousands of Challenge gears might be useful, after all ?

    I am scared about unlocking part.
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  • Edison
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    Interesting. Not sure with g13 we need character enchancements so soon. What about a ship raid or a live gambling arena (live action forced time pvp, with a stake)

    Agree on not needing more gear enhancements so soon - but this sounds like adding additional abilities and power sounds like it could work as a way to power up characters without needing the G13 push, so that's cool.

    The gambling arena sounds like a fun idea, but it would genuinely never happen. Too many people could create farm accounts to battle against, betting all raid gear, credits, etc to power level a single account. This would only work if it was random, and you couldn't choose your enemy specifically - but that would appeal to a very very small crowd if at all, in my opinion.
  • And heres comes another round of complaints but not from me! Lol Looking forward to LsGeo n new clones! The holotables rule
  • No more seps to be added?
  • <---- Waiting for the "Fine, fine, but where's Malak?!?!" posts..
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  • Vinniarth
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    Isn’t these items goes too soon?
  • Ambassador
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    On another note, I’m sad it’s only about updating a few Clones, and not all and/or introduce a couple new ones. The Clones in the DS Geo TB look great, I like them. Well, I’ve always been in love of the Troopers, Clone or Imperial, and they really need some love.
  • No_Try
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    Ultra wrote: »
    No_Try wrote: »
    There's no road ahead, cool. Just vague plans and already expect light side counterpart of geo tb.
    Yeah. No QOL updates. Just nothing until end of October

    Also, would be nice to let us know ahead in time what toons are getting reworked at the start of month like it was promised instead of suddenly dropping them like the geo rework

    Neaah, then whales will skip 1-2 clones that are not in the upcoming build in their g13ing. No can do xD
  • zegene
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    Ultra wrote: »
    zegene wrote: »
    Nice another paywall?
    This is the most gatcha announcement

    Definitely a paywall and now you need to spend on toons, gear, god mods and specific toon weapons to compete in arena, grand arena and territory wars

    It was like: 'so much icons we can earn money from!' Unlocking Vaders mask for example, what? He already equipped it!
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  • A casino would have been great, like the one in The Last Jedi movie, they did one in GTA.
  • jbs2886
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    Yeah if this was the RA post meant to make us not concerned over CG_Carrie did not work. Its like it was thrown together this morning.

    CG, it would be better to say, "Hey, with new leadership, we are still considering different ways to move the game forward" than to give us this (i.e., just be honest you are reviewing things, instead of vague descriptions of some new idea.

    Just to add, why not tell us which clones? Give us some concrete things you are doing.
  • "Team Instinct and Mighty Chlοrians were the first guilds to get to at least 30 stars! "

    Who? I mean, I know who Ti is, but the Mighty Chlorians merged with the Wallet Warriors ages ago to make the Mighty Wallets. You seem a little out of touch...
  • Iy4oy4s
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    Ultra wrote: »
    >Take a month to post the road ahead
    >post nothing

    Such a wasted opportunity. I was really expecting to be surprised.....which I was.....for the wrong reasons.
  • Some mention of Grand Arena would have been great. You know like adding in ships.
  • or fixing rewards
  • VonZant
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    I am especially excited about the forehead announcement!

    Ki Adi Mundi confirmed!
  • "Benevolence" is an obvious hint that's been given (and revealed) previously.

    Now for "scavenge" and "reeks" in reference to LS Clone Wars content...🤔
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