Game Crashes

This game has crashed twice today at the worst possible times. Once in Geo TB which will likely cost our guild a star, and once in GA which cost me the championship. Really getting sick of this. How do you even compensate for that??? I've been totally screwed today


  • Gair
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    Working as intended, or thanks for the feedback.

    ... thought I'd save you a help ticket response.
  • Our guild 2 starred 1b on geonosis the first time by like 200k points, and we missed it by 2m the second time. So it will probably cost us a star. It also completely wrecked my GA feats. I was on track for kyber. I also spent money to g13 grievous for this ga and it crashed before he even got a turb in that battle. Soooo what the hell happens now.
  • Kyno
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    You can contact EA Help and see what they can do.

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