Creating team

Trying to put together a good team, please help

4 *- darth sidious, Darth Maul, chewbacca, ima-gun di, Lando, Luminara, Mace Windu, Savage opress, Nute Gunray, Jawa

also have cad bane 3*, and Leia 2*

all of them are geared up, and around level 48 which is max for me


  • Is this for Squad arena or GW?
  • arena, really just looking for the best team to put together @Ravage
  • Well I would also depend if your spending cash. You need to 7* Heros to be competitive endgame and need to focus what is in your means.

    If your not spending cash o would do

    Lumi - leader
    And maybe Vadar or Lando. That is a massive AOE and can win you fights qucik. Also Luke can hit hard of you don't want to farm Kylo
  • I do spend about 20 a month on packs, but I'm not spending a 100 on kylo
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