173 million GP, Geonosian focused, Fully heroic, independent guild. 48/50 members

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Once a member we will not boot you without warning. For example: fall behind on tickets or inactive without prior acknowledgement.

Sense of humor is encouraged

What we offer:
-Extremely active ticket production. (550+tix average/player/day)
-Independent and loyal to all members (inactivity without notice is a no-no)
-42+LS/DS tb history
-Only required farm atm is full geared geonosian squad by October 2019
-Competitive in TW

-around 3mil+ GP players (flexible if you are open to suggestion)
-active and committed to tickets
-participation in guild events is expected
-be geonosian tb forward looking
-discord chat
-have fun and real life comes first but please let us know if you are going to be gone for a period of time.

Interested? Contact me here, or send me an ally request or chat on swgoh
Ally code: 226-664-613

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