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another Sith Raid question. I have a squad with Rey Jedi Lead, 3PO, R2, BB-8, Finn in P1.

But now what is the best strategy for 3PO? How do you use his abilities for best possible damage result. I have seen a couple screenshots of people doing 16m damage in T7 P1. I am not sure about his special. If everyone with translation assists with a basic attack, they all get defense down and nihilus possibly recovers protection. Or do I miss something?

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  • CCyrilS
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    Don't use his squad assist. Always call him with JTR assist. Idea is everyone but jtr and finn give more TM than it's worth.
  • Ok, got it. So I only use his basic then. But on whom?
  • 3po basic on Nihilus. You want the 3 stacks of confusion on him.

    The strategy is to not hit Nihilus with anyone except 3po and Reys TM removal wave, for as long as possible to enable BB8 to get illuminated destiny off.
    Rey always calls 3po and not BB8.
    You want R2 to stealth everyone except B88 as much as possible. R2 to use the defense shield / stand alone to eat the annhilate as well.
    Finn second special to ramp up the damage.

    I regularly get 7m doing this. I never bother re-starting, so could probably do more, but 7m is enough in p1 for me.

  • Good tips! And this squad is better than the old one with Scav Rey and RT in for 3PO & Finn?

    I have all the characters but only at fairly average G9 to G11ish levels due to Old Republic gearing demands at the mo, so it's hard for me to judge. Wasn't sure if the nerf for Finn back in the day meant that the classic Resistance team was better or not. Thanks people! :-)
  • Obiwantuan
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    You can use 3P0 mass assist, it adds to the damage and of course with the zeta, it does confuse x2. I also use it to give the toon (BB* hopefully) Nihilus attacks and steals buffs from Translation again.

    When you gear up your Resistance some more and put good mods on them with speed. Defense down is never an issue. You can only get it one time between Nihilus turns, with good speed and controlling Nihilus turn meter with RJT mind trick, your entire team should be taking more than one turn before Nihilus goes which will clean defense down off of them.
  • Ikky2win
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    You don’t use his mass assist very often but it can be useful. Remember the more you hit Nihilus, the faster he goes so the mass assist usually isn’t that great; however, there are two situations where you do use it:

    1. If you messed up stealth and didn’t get JTR stealthed and Nihilus hits her and dispels her stacks of translation. Using the mass assist on her will give her a stack of translation, getting her back up to 3 quicker, thus allowing you to decrease her cooldowns with c3po’s basic.

    2. If Nihilus is close to taking another turn and JTR/bb8 aren’t going to get another turn before Nihilus goes. The mass assist and resulting tm gain the other resistance get from JTRs leadership can mean that Nihilus and JTR or BB8 all reach full TM at the same time. When that happens it’s a coin flip who goes, but if you win that coin flip it could mean bb8 gets illuminated destiny off or JTR gets a mind trick off, meaning everyone else gets more turns. I almost always use it in this situation because you have nothing to lose. Nihilus is going to get a turn before bb8/jtr, so you may as well use it and get everyone’s tm up. You tend to win the coin flip more often than not (at least in my experience) and that can lead to multiple extra turns via mind trick and illuminated destiny.
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