Content Update: 8/1/2019

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Hi Holotable Heroes!

Here is all the new content you’ll find after today’s update, 8/1/2019.

For more info on these units, check out the kit reveals and strategy guides below:

The client has been updated with the following changes:
  • Updated Gear 12 Finisher crafting so that it can only be crafted once for each character.
    NOTE: In the short term, if a player crafts a second Gear 12 Finisher for the same character it will cause the client to soft lock and will require a restart. The pieces to craft the Gear 12 Finisher will not have been used and will remain in your inventory. We apologize for the behavior at this time, but believe it’s an improvement over the current behavior (allowing players to craft Gear 12 Finishers multiple times). This is the first step in a multiple step process of making duplicate crafting of Gear 12 Finishers impossible.
  • Player obtainable Vulture Droid cannot be used in the fleet battle during Phase 2 of Separatist Might as it the mission already provides a special version of the Vulture Droid

Vulture Droid Marquee
Join forces with a Vulture Droid and defeat the Galactic Republic! Earn Vulture Droid Blueprints and unlock this ship starting 8/2!
  • Event begins: August 2nd

The Vulture Droid bundle is now available in the Store! Purchase this bundle and receive 30 blueprints of the Vulture Droid and 1,500 Crystals! This Separatist Attacker hinders enemy ships with Buzz Droids, and calls in backup when defeated.

Bundle includes:
  • Vulture Droid (x30)
  • Enhancement Droids
  • Ability Materials
  • Ship Building Materials
  • Crystals (x1500)
Date Available: August 2nd
Minimum Level Requirement: 60
Maximum # Purchases: 1

Power up the Vulture Droid with this brand new pack!
Each pack guarantees at least 5 blueprints for the Vulture Droid and may drop up to 330 BLUEPRINTS! In addition, each pack drops ship ability materials of each kind, including Reinforcement Materials.

Date Available: August 2nd
1299 Crystals
Minimum Level Requirements: 60

  • EVENT - Fixed an issue where Mace Windu's "Reckoning" in Geonosis: Separatist Might could deal damage through Damage Immunity.
  • EVENT - Fixed an issue where “Republic Resolve” (Full Strength) would grant Turn Meter to the Acklay when Geonosians gained Turn Meter.
  • EVENT - The Acklay's Enraged buff now displays the buff name when tapping on the buff.
  • EVENT - Fixed an issue when battling on the Geonosis Territory Battle that caused the issued command inbox message to display the Hoth Empire Territory Battle name instead of Separatist Might.
  • UNIT - Fixed an issue where summoned B2 Rocket Droid’s “Warm-Up Shot” Basic ability in Geonosis: Separatist Might was not correctly displaying its ability description.
  • UNIT - Updated the A-wing, B-wing, and Y-wing in the “Flight of the Falcon” Legendary Event with correct ship portraits.
  • UNIT - Added missing sound effect to Juhani's taunt shout.
  • UNIT - Fixed an issue where Ahsoka Tano's “Daring Padawan” gave an incorrect health increases at level 6.
  • UNIT - Fixed an issue where Han Solo's “Shoot First” would not grant him a bonus turn when in a squad with Padme Amidala.
  • UNIT - Fixed an issue with IG-2000's “Reconstruct Protocol” that was causing it to work incorrectly from reinforcements.
  • UNIT - Bistan's U-wing's Unique ability "Assault Plan" will now correctly apply Turn Meter and Advantage when Target Lock is applied by Capital Ships.
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where some in-game text had punctuation in incorrect places.
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