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I thought it would be useful for noobs to have a glossary for terms we use on the regular, but may have people new to the forums scratching their heads.

I'm gonna start with character abbreviations; I'll add more later when I have time. ;)

CC - Chief Chirpa
CS - Clone Sergeant
CUP - Coruscant Underworld Police
EE - Ewok Elder
ES - Ewok Scout
FOO - First Order Officer
FOST- First Order Stormtrooper
FOTP- First Order TIE Pilot
GG- General Grievous
GS - Geonosian Soldier
JC - Jedi Consular
Lumi - Luminara Unduli
QGJ - Qui-Gon Jinn
RG - Royal Guard
RP - Resistance Pilot
RT - Resistance Trooper
Sid - Darth Sidious
STH/ST Han - Stormtrooper Han
TR - Tusken Raider

A few others:

AoE - Area of Effect; basically, an attack that deals damage to all of your opponent's toons
EA - Electronic Arts, the devs
CG - Capital Games, the other devs
Devs - the game developers
DOT - Damage Over Time
DPS - Damage Per Second; since GoH is a turn-based game that is not entirely dependent on time, the "per second" part may be misleading. Essentially, a character with high DPS is one that can deal the most amount of damage in the least amount of time (in other words, per turn; however, if your toon has an ability that affects Turn Meter, it may still do more DPS).
Farming - (SEE "Grinding")
F2P or FTP - free-to-play; players who play without spending a dime
Grinding - endlessly hitting SIM until your gear drops or your shard drops
(SEE ALSO: "Boring")
GW - Galactic War
Nerf - to make a hero soft or "squishy", like a Nerf football; routinely used by devs to make room for new characters or to balance the game, particularly for characters considered "OP"
OP - Over-Powered, or Original Poster (depending on how it's used)
Poll - what players make when they're bored; they often forget the most popular options
P2P - Pay-to-Play (SEE ALSO: Whales)
PVP - Player vs Player
In GoH, there are two types of PVP: Galactic War and Squad Arena; Squad Arena is more direct, but neither offers true, live PVP.
RNG - Random Number Generator
Algorithm designed to generate random numbers
RNGsus - affectionate name for RNG, due to its god-like appearance (SEE ALSO: "Lord Jesus")
(SW)GoH - (Star Wars) Galaxy of Heroes
Then stop playing(?) - phrase often reserved for "whining" (see below) or for players threatening to "quit the game" (SEE ALSO: "Bye, Felicia")
Toon - hero or character, affectionately called "toon" due to their 2D representation (and because it's shorter)
Urban Dictionary - a website where you could have looked up most of these, save for specific toons (SEE ALSO: "Google", "giyf", "jfgi", "lmgtfy")
Whales - big spenders; often hated and ridiculed by F2P players
Whining - what players do when they consider a particular player to be "OP"

Did I miss anything? Comments? Suggestions?
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