Will Force Unleashed characters come into the game?(pt1)

Well, it’s time for me to say that we really need new content besides the clone wars. The meta has been infected by Revan’s and Padmè’s that it’s annoying and really boring. Oh look Darth Revan vs Padme or Padmè vs JKR. We need new content and what I want to suggest is the Force unleashed characters. Reasons that we need them is that they great characters, amazing story and plus with how Starkiller is both a light/dark side user might make that tab useful(but who knows if it’s gone). Plus that has not only great characters but it gives the empire an advantage on their troops. Flame troops, Stealth troops, hell even the iron man like troops. Now here’s what we should expect in this update if it comes. ((I’m making another part on this which is about the characters, ships, raids and other things.))
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