Will the Force Unleashed characters join the game? (Pt2)

Now begins this part of fun. The content of stuff. Let’s look over who should be in the game.

Characters: Starkiller(Neutral, Darth, and Light sides), Eclipse, Proxy, Koda, Battle Damaged Vader, an update that makes the Emperor ((very useful instead of the nerf which really wasn’t needed)), a few of the troopers, Young Leia, and these are optional but Jedi Leia and Luke Skywalker (Fallen)

Ships: The Rogue shadow.

Events: Hidden Apprentice and The evil within.

The first event gets you Light side Starkiller while the other gives you Darth Starkiller. The last two characters would be bosses in the second event as the emperor would be the final one in light side.

The reason why I said JL and LSF would be optional is that in their respective DLC’s you had to fight them.

This is just ideas so comment what you want to say.


  • I think it would be interesting, but I doubt they would do Fallen Luke or Jedi Leia. I was actaully about to create and post concepts for Starkiller and Mara Jedi as well as an idea for a Death Star raid and a Yavin 4 raid. But now I want to do PROXY, Kota, Juno, and BD Vader as well.
  • i think it should be:
    Galen Marek (Ligh Side Version)
    Starkiller (Dark Side)
    no "Darth" name because he is not exactly a sith just a tool of the emperor like the inquisitors
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