Game Freezing.....

I've had my game freeze multiple time over the past few weeks.....and ALWAYS in the middle of a TW, TB, or GAC match....what gives? Multiple guildies having same issue...I just got screwed in GAC


  • I have yet to lose a GAC match yet...and it looks like I will now thanks to the game freezing and wasting my CLS team.
  • this has been an issue for few months now. same happens to me, and i have lost many battles over it. today i lost an entire TB team, my best team. you are supposed to go to AnswersHQ and report it. AnswersHQ flagged all the battle freeze complaints as 'solved' tho so keep making new posts there so they realize players are still having issues.
  • Same happened for me. On my both accounts and in any battle type.
    But it's been about 2 weeks since it stopped.
    Now, the game freezes everytime when I upgrade the gear on a toon; but only on my secondary account.
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