Future Intelligence 187 Mil GP Guild! All Heroic Raids and Geo TB!

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We are Future Intelligence!


We have room for active players at this time!

Here is what we are about:
  • 187 mil GP guild that operates in CST time frame - guild reset is 7:30 pm CST
  • All Heroic raids with 24 hour join periods (Pit is simmed)
  • 24 stars in DS Geo TB, aiming for 25+ next attempt, 18+ Wat Shards per TB (more incoming next time)
  • 9+ stars LS Geo TB with KAM shards
  • High success in TWs
  • A mix of F2P and some minor Dolphins, no pressure to spend
  • An active Discord where strategies are developed for TWs and TBs, as well as answer any questions to help players build their rosters

What we are looking for:
  • Active players who can generate at least 500 tickets daily
  • Players who can join our Discord
  • Players who are building their rosters and improving for the betterment of the guild
  • Participation in guild events (Geo TB and TWs)

Our big focus is pushing for more stars in Geo TB, and players who generate tickets daily to increase raid frequency.

If you are interested, please hit me up in game or Discord.

Discord - https://discord.gg/pfUEQzC

Ally code 118-456-664
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