QOL FEEDBACK from 8/1 Q&A session

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I am an officer in a small guild around 40 million. I have been playing the game since early 2017. When I joined the guild I am currently in, it only had a collective GP of 10 million. I have stuck with the guild and eventually became an officer. We have grown together and have a current goal of someday playing in the Heroic tier of the Sith raid. Currently the leader, another officer and I carry the guild in most of the raids attaining the most damage. We are a guild open to new players and it has been rewarding seeing those members grow. However, since the release of the Geonosis territory battle, I feel that there is now a choice to make for older players, particularly those in leadership roles, to stay in the guilds they are currently in or seek those with a higher GP in order to participate in playing with the newer content. If I were to leave my guild to further progress in the game, it would negatively impact the guild that I am in. If I stay, then I feel I become stagnated in terms of growth in the game. I don't have plans to leave my guild and I understand the consequences of that decision. I am not sure if there is a way to incentivize guild officers who decide to stay with smaller guilds or to have a way to have open territory battle that would allow players who meet a minimum GP (say 2 million) to participate in a battle alongside members of another guild or maybe being able to participate by way of forming guild alliances?
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