Modding Darth Malak

He is g13. Im only looking at protection/ health and speed. I’m just having trouble deciding which mod sets.

4 speed 2 health
Speed arrow
Total max health/protection

4 speed 2 health mods
Protection arrow
Max health/protection

6 health mods
Protection arrow
Max health/protection


  • What's a Malak?

    Just kidding - Unfortunately I cannot help you though until the return of our long lost "Epic Confrontation". That middle mod set you listed seems pretty good to me though if I had to guess!
  • Depending on your BSF's speed, first or second, though 4 speed+2 tenacity would be the way to go.
  • Malak😂😂😂wmay6i76fl13.jpg
  • Malak😂😂😂wmay6i76fl13.jpg

    I don't get it
  • TVF
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    That's the eraser.
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  • VonZant
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    Yeah we were discussing this earlier. If it were me, I'd put the 200k health set on him.

    My g12 Sith Murderer with only left side pieces can DELETE any Malak with less than 175k HP. At G13 He can DELETE Malak with 200k.

    Murderer has quickly become one of my favorite toons in the game because of his cataclysmic simplicity.



    Oh, you want some too? DELETE for you too!
  • Jarvind
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    From what I've seen, it seems like it goes one of two ways:

    - If you can get him really fast (+140 speed or more) then do that and then throw whatever else you've got with strong protection primaries/secondaries on.

    - If you can't, then leave him sluggish and go hard on Tenacity, which lets him resist CBM and land shocks so that he can taunt and potentially let you set up Badstila's AOE.

  • Austin9370 wrote: »
    Step 1: Make your Malak the fastest to remove any pretaunters.

    Step 2: Mod your DR speed slightly slower to fear the entire opposing team.

    Step 3: Profit

    2b. Get outsped by the opposing DR because your best speed mods are on Malak? I mean, if you've got two speed sets that are faster than your opponent's fastest, then you've pretty much already won.
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