Why did all the videos on cheating get shut down?



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    Ignorance is bliss.

    Don't get me wrong, I actually appreciate what you did, and for bringing this issue to fore front.

    I'm only explaining why I can understand as business they would want the vids taken down.

    I hope reasonable discussion continues.

    I have no problem with anyone who disagrees with my opinion that this needs to be exposed. It’s a reasonable view to believe this will increase cheating and hurt the game. I personally think you’d be crazy to cheat now, because CG is going to crack down as much as they possibly can. We will just have to see.

    I hope your right, but it wouldnt be the first time cg let the fire rage hopeing it will just go away.
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    Some of us a pend tens of thousands on this game. Even those who don’t spend, put a lot of time into this game. CG/EA shouldn’t be hiding from this. We need transparency and action. Not draconic measures.

    Do you want more ppl learning how to do it?

    It’s too late for that. Players in top guilds are already doing it in TW. CG needs to be exposed so they finally do something about this.

    I guarantee hundreds, maybe thousands of ppl who never even thought about cheating are now aware of the possibility because of the vids

    I know now its possible.. and I wont do it. I just end all cash until I am 100% confirmed this gets fixed. Hiding info isnt fixing it

    Maybe I'm worried about terrorism...should the Gov't tell us everything they're doing, and share that info with the enemy?

    It's not always easy to be transparent. And if they were it would most likely hurt you and me much more than cheaters.

    Terrorism and cheating isnt the same my friend, 1 puts lives in danger other gives unfair advantage to people with out talent

    Totally not the point
  • How do we cheat? Can someone make a tutorial ?
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    Because it showed people how to cheat at this game.
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