Victims of cheaters recompense

My idea:

1. Ban a cheater
2. Disassemble ALL the cheaters characters and gear
3. Redistribute the cheaters stuff to everyone in his shard
4. Name the cheater in the compensation message

Anyone else have ideas?


  • Stalbot
    105 posts Member
    Nope. Sounds good. .
  • SemiGod
    1930 posts Member
    Redistribute the cheater's stuff to everyone in his shard? Do you understand the kind of witch-hunt this will trigger? So many people will be accused on false accusations and not to mention the whole idea barely makes any sense

  • Rath_Tarr
    2713 posts Member
    Just ban the account. Permanently.
  • Nihion
    2428 posts Member
    Cheaters are bad, but shaming them won’t help...
  • Ban them that's it. Delete their entire account. That's it.
  • Although post their personal facebook account or email if linked! Hunt them down ;-)
  • Ban them that's it. Delete their entire account. That's it.
    maybe ban his google/apple-account from whole EA-infrastructure

  • You guys missing step 1, identify who's cheating which they can not do.

    These solutions are meaningless because it all assumes CG can identify who's cheating
  • Bulldog proved that CG has no way of proving who was or is cheating other then what the community is reporting and because they are so back logged on complaints the question is are they actually doing anything about it or just ignoring the problem
    My honest opinion I dont think they even care business as usual as long as they continue to make money what does it even matter
    Sad very sad
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