Rey Jedi Training Potency against Nihilus in HSTR

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in HSTR my Rey Jedi Training can't apply the debuffs on Nihlius with her mind trick special (even when going first in the first round). In T6 it all worked fine. How high is Nihilus' base tenacity and how high must Rey's potency be to apply the debuffs?


  • My RJT has 79% potency and lands her debuffs around half the time.
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    Make sure you aren't hitting him. He gets stacking tenacity every time you hit him. So hit one of the sides with other toons if you haven't landed your debuffs yet, or use non-attack specials.
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  • My guild just started doing Heroic recently as well, and I also noticed a huge change in how often I'm able to land debuffs in the same circumstances. I'm not sure where you would find the actual tenacity of DN, but it's definitely higher.

    Mine has a base potency of 66% and even when BB8 gives Secret Intel to her off the bat (bringing it to 91%), I have a hard time getting speed down to land in the opening turn. And this is even without doing any damage to Nihilus beforehand.
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