Getting 5* Thrawn...

I've seen posts about getting a 7* Thrawn. I won't be able to go for the 7*, so I'm shooting for the 5*. But, I'm curious where my Phoenix squad should be to do that.

I got everyone at 5* & G6. Some low end mods on Zeb, Kannen, Hera & Ezra.



  • I'd suggest trying for at least g7 on them all, if not higher. I don't remember what level mine were for the 5*, but you'll want the protection that hitting g7 gives for sure.
  • Working on that now. Man it's crazy the difference in gearing for G6 & gearing for G7.

  • A mix of g6 and g7 will probably do. But

    Number 1 thing is to have those speed arrows. If you see a 5 dot speed arrow in the store and its primary is consistent with the set you're using which should be as close to what the Gaming-Fans mod guide says you need for a Phoenix member, then buy it and max it. You probably have a hundred mods laying around that are useless and you can sell to raise the funds for the speed arrow, just do it, you won't regret selling the hundred for the one and learn which mods are useless and trash able in the process. Chopper is going to be your all star. He needs to dispel the offense up buffs off the death troppers and he needs to taunt, for him to do all of this he needs to be fast. Get Chopper to 200+ speed. Likewise Hera needs to be as quick as she can be too since if you're doing this with g6 characters, you'll need to speed through the cool-down for backup plan. Put backup plan on before you absolutely need it to re-start the cool down.

    If not all toons can be g7, then Zeb is the obvious choice to leave at g6. If you have to leave 2 at g6, then leave Zeb and Kannan. That is what I did when I 7* Thrawn with 3 g9 and 2 g8 at lvl 75. Basically Phoenix is about survivability. The weakest link will get stomped on and once the team is down a member it doesn't function nearly as well. Throughout the final stage of the event always ask yourself what move is best for keeping the whole squad alive. Slow incremental progress while keeping the squad alive is much better then making big dents in Thrawn and then losing a member. You might take thrawn 3 on 1 but you'd rather not have to try it. It is best if they all start with about the same health+protection. Zeb and Kannan are the naturally healthiest characters. Zeb doesn't have to Taunt, so he can remain g6. Kannan does have to Taunt, and you'll just have to make heavy use of Hera's backup plan for Kannan which doesn't restore protection anyways, so no loss there lol. The characters at g7 can be given protection up when granted protection by Kannan or Zeb. Sadly Chopper is not a tank even though he taunts like a tank and is built like a tank, he is not a tank. So Chopper can not assist Ezra to gain protection up. You want Hera and Zeb assisting Ezra anyways as the turn meter gain is great for getting to Hera's backup plan faster and Zeb may need the protection. I just always forget Ezra can't save Chopper the way Ezra can help save Kannan when Kannan is g7+.
  • Got my squad all to G7 & 5-6* with attack & abilities at lv6 & their at lv 62.

    Hopefully I'm good. Thx for the advice.
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    I beat 5 star thrawn with level 56 gear 6 but gear 7 ezra
  • I was able to beat it with 4,600 power gear 6 Hera, 3,600 power gear 6 chopper, 8,000 power gear 7 ezra (6 star) with health mods, 8,400 power gear 8 kanan (6 star) with health mods, and a 5,600 power gear 6 zeb (6 star).

    Chopper, Hera and Zeb had no mods.
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