The Nordic Kingdom Alliance counterlist poster and videos

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Our Alliance made this counter list, if someone has need for this type of thing. The idea came from our alliance AD, Captain Salsafingers, and all the thanks from the visuals goes to him. Counters that we have an example video of in our Youtube channel are marked in the poster. But the amount of vids will multiply very soon. We are gonna make more of them in this TW. We also take feedback by DM if you have any comments.
Full size picture can be downloaded by clicking the image
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    Thanks Nok!! 😄
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    AntiFunn wrote: »
    Love the way it was said that the whole Clone team gets countered by just 1 Nest lol

    Maybe before the reworks. Now, Rex just bides his time and then one shots her. It's a solid attempt, but some of it is already outdated.

    If the GG is gear 13, Talzin lead sisters don't work either.
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    A simple thank you doesnt do justice considering the no of times i have referred to this and the no of times it has helped me in GAC. A lot of information given in a concise manner.
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    Love this chart. Use it all the time. Still very appropriate despite being almost a year old. Any chance you have or are working on an updated version?
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