Who reached 7* padme and what are your winning teams?

Got her to 7* today. Gotta say that it was far more difficult to simply unlock her at 5* than get her to 7*.

Had zGG(L) G12++, zzAsajj G12, B2 G11, zDooku G11, and Magnaguard G11. All of them have good mods (grevious and asajj arena caliber). Grevious and Asajj were my MVP’s taking out padme, fish jolee and JKA quickly. B2 kept the buff immunity rolling on GK long enough to take them out. Dooku provides timely stuns and ability blocks and magnaguard is literal cannon fodder.

Share your success stories


  • Piewalker
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    No sweat with: GG lead G12 (+ big health pieces + all health mods = 56K health), zDooku G12 all potency mods, zzAsajj G12 speed set and offense/cd primaries, B2 G11 with Health and potency mods with protection primaries, Sun Fac G10 with health set with protection primaries. The relentless buff cleanses, stuns and activity blocks they dished out left Padme and co looking distinctly average. Kill order of Padme, fish, preferably Anakin, Mace and GK well advertised and proved sound advice for me.
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  • CCyrilS
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    I used the same, except b2 instead of magna.
  • Separatist Droids have been my main focus since their reworks were announced, so my team is pretty strong. I've got zzGG(13), zB1(12), zB2(12), zDroideka(11), and Magnaguard(12) and walked through the event with the only noticeable damage to my team coming from Grievous himself (which still wasn't much).

    But if you're not unlocking a legendary character with gear levels like that, there's something seriously wrong.
  • bwv7qisdqbvu.jpg

    Nute lead. 10-15 tries.
    It's all about extortion. And making sure you hit them with spy when they have a few buffs.
    But keep spreading extortion and eventually you hit jackpot.

    Think this is one of the lowest geared teams I have seen succeeding so far.
  • Used Nute lead, kill order was Padmé, Ani, GK, Mace, and saved Calamari for last.



  • acjshallperish
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    This is all you need. Beat tiers 5 6 and 7 in one attempt. Nobody died not even the brute. I didnt really have a kill order besides taking padme out first. Set the buffs with spy, then nuke her with his special. One shot then everything falls apart
  • G12 > Nute lead, Dooku, B2, GG, Sun Fac

    One try for all tiers on auto.
  • I 5* Her last time, my Alpha Brute is only 5* so I could not try with him. I failed my first try on tier 6, then with GG(L), Asajj, B2, Nute and Spy, I won. I proceeded to win first try on tier 7, almost.. and retreated, deciding I wanted to try other leads. The most attempts was to win under Poggle lead, next was under Dooku, Nute was middling hard and GG and Asajj leads were the easiest. My kill order was Fishlee, Padme, Sandi, then Mace and GK. My GG and Asajj are both G12+4 and B2 is G12+3. My Geos are G11.
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  • Globuhl
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    I used the following team, I haven’t even moved my mods to better ones. It took me 20 minutes to get her 7 star’ed.

  • Everyone said the attacking out of turn would make the geos bad but they ripped through the bonus protection everytime and kept digging into their main health and protection. I think it only gives bonus for the first hit not every time after. I'm still not knowledgeable of the geo kits but you could probably auto it at 7 stars it's that easy
  • Might be one of the few to not use GBA/Nute/GG as a lead, but I ran Poggle(G10), zGG(g13), zzAsajj(12+5), Droideka(G11), and B2 (G9). T7 was a breeze, everyone but GG and Droideka died to feed GG turns while Droideka was marked with damage immunity.
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  • hfrdxlkrcy9t.png

    Had no expectations of getting Padme 7*, after around 10 restarts decided to put on Auto, to my surprise Padme was killed, and the rest of the squad was heavily damage before my squad were all killed off.

    So decided to switch to my Arena mods, after another bout of restarts managed to get 7* Padme

    Got very lucky with Rng After switching mods on the Squad,

    Count Dooku lead Gear 11, Health 16431, Protection 23048, Speed 292, Damage 2400 and 1 Zeta on Unique.
    General Grievous Gear 9, Health 20228, Protection 16704, Speed 183, Damage 2625 and 1 Zeta on Unique.
    Asajj Ventress Gear 12, Health 24982, Protection 39966, Speed 233, Damage 3388 and Zeta on Unique.
    B2 Gear 8, Health 24515, Protection 20018, Speed 177, Damage 1843 and only 1 Omega on Mow Down.
    Nute Gunray Gear 10, Health 13113, Protection 29903, Speed 249, Damage 2786, 0 Omega’s

  • Malnz
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    Yeah, did 7* with lead zGG G12 +4, zDooku G11, Asajj G11, B2 G11 and Magna G8. Took a few tries but as long as B2 debuffs and stuns work, was pretty easy
  • Wronin
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    Only zeta is on GG unique. azm30jkpx3b2.png
  • Don’t even need GG
  • I used GG G12, B1 G10, B2 G12, Nute G10, and droidca G12. Zeta in Nute, B2, x2 on GG. Was so easy a caveman could do it.
  • Zetag6djbstwes3m.png
    Zetas on dooku and assaj
  • G12 bugs (g11 zGBA). 1 try was all it took.
  • Znute g11 lead, g12 zAV g11 dooku g8 b2 ig. Took about 90+ tries. Extortion was hugew5aiv6c9erjo.jpeg
  • I did it with this, only GG was gear 11, I've since upped him. good speed on Dooku for the start, and all the health you can on Grievous and Nute, with Asaaj's zeta helping a lot.rh4cfqu34nhb.png
  • Always dropped Padme first, the rest ended up being whoever I could target with my preference on Anakin. Mace went down last in my winning run. Nute lead worked best for me.
  • Woodroward
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    Got it about my 3rd attempt with ZZGG(l) 12+3, AV 11+2. Poggle 11+3, zB2 11+2, 100 12+1

    Pretty decent mods all around. Tried Poggle lead first. Had better luck with the GG lead.
    Padme and JKA died at the same time. Fishlee went next, then GK, then Mace.
    Poggle did help a lot. Made 100 hit very hard. That's a big part of why JKA died right when Padme did.

    And I was one of the naysayers on out of turn attackers. Seemed to not really matter that much this go around, but I know it kept me from 7*ing her first time around.
  • zzGG G12+3 (55K Health, 204 speed), g11 assaj, g9 b2/magna, g1 lvl1 nute
  • G12+4 Grevious Double Zeta
    G12+3 Assaj
    G9 Nute
    G11 B2
    G11 Magna

    First try once I did the Zeta on Metalloid Monstrosity. It was THE KEY. B2 and Magna went down fairly quickly along with Nute once(He revives so I did finish with him). But after that I mowed down everything in sight with Assaj and GG. Put my best Health and speed mods on GG. Assaj had her raid gear but the other 3 had whatever I had lying around. Super easy compared to other events(*cough Chewy cough*)Also, not sure if it helped but I did say in Grievous' voice "You lose General Kenobi!"
  • Ryche
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    my lineup that I used.
  • Thanks to this thread I´ve give it a try, and BÄM, 7 Star Padme. Took me suprisingly few try´s. :)


    Zeta on Dooku, double zeta on Asaj.
    Thanks to U guys for the incentive. <3
  • Mando_Darb
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    Got her 7* with this team, had better mods on Asajj to give her more speed but even undergeared Nute lead ftw, spent ~20+ hours hoping for good RNG while I got him to 7* then as soon as I got him I got her on the first shot with Tier 7

    Zeta on GG, Asajj, and Dooku's Uniques

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