How the heck do mods get sliced?


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    You have to collect the requisite amount of appropriate mod slicing materials from the mod table or other sources. Then, after taking a mod to level 15, you can tap the slice button.
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    How the heck do mods get sliced?

    Have a look at the second half of this article:

    Should get you going with the basics.
  • So, when you are grinding mods there's two main avenues. The first is the mod challenges. This is going to be where you actually grind the mod themselves. You have tiers which will grand you different value mods in each category. (Health, defense, speed, etc.)

    The second path is mod battles. This is where you grind the materials needed to slice mods.

    Things to note, you cannot slice a mod unless it is a 5 dot mod, level 15. So you won't see the option or the materials needed to slice them until you have those available.
  • Thanks to all.
  • A few tips.

    1. NEVER farm mods from the Battles.
    Don't even worry if you don't 3* a battle. Just pass it & move on to the next level.
    The key is to complete all battles to open up the Challenges.

    2. NEVER farm mods from Tier-1/2 Challenges.
    The key is to pass the Tier-3 Challenge so you can get the 5* mods.

    3. As you are getting all the Tier-3 Challenges open, sell any L1 mods that don't have a Speed Secondary stat visible at L1. OR. Are Speed Primary Arrows OR Are Critical Damage Primary Triangles.
    The above stuff can be kept & leveled/used in a few slots till you get Tier-3 Challenges open.

    4. Once you get Tier-3 Challenges open & are mass farming. Follow the same 3 rules above & sell most of the stuff you get even at 5*.
    You'll soon have more mods then you can handle & if you try leveling them all you will go broke.
    However, if you see a nice Blue/Purple that doesn't have speed. You can level it to 3 to see if you get Speed on it & if not still sell it at L3 for a small profit.

    5. Only Gear-12 characters can hold Tier-6 Mods so don't slice them to Tier-6 unless you have a G12 character you are doing it for.
    But you can do early slices on L15 lower color mods to upgrade the color to gold.

    Hope this helps.

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