Active Guilds Looking For Players - August 2019 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


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    Guild: Scruffiest Nerf Herders


    Guild Power: 139M
    Guild Members: 49/50

    We are looking for active players who have nice rosters. We have a fun time in this guild. If real-life stuff comes up, we understand, but we are very active and expect each member to contribute.

    Recruiter: Zhangster
    Guild Reset Time: 6:30 PM CST, 11:30 PM UTC

    Heroic Rancor, once every 2-3 days
    Heroic AAT, once every 3-4 days
    Heroic Sith Raid, once every 4-5 days

    Territory Battles:
    Light Side: 37 Stars
    Dark Side: 39 Stars

    Dark Side: 11 Stars

    Our guild is planning on alternating between Geno and Hoth for maximum production.

    My personal Info: (Contact me if you have further questions.)
    My Ally Code: 814-177-546
    Discord Name: Admiral Thrawn#3384

    If this guild is for you, search us up in the Guild search in-game, and come walk on in.

    Discord link: https://discordDOTgg/RJ4Atn9 (Use "." instead of "DOT")
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  • REBEL ALLIANCE 4EVER is currently looking for 7 members to join us in our desire to rule the galaxy!

    Minimum requirements:
    2 mil GP or higher
    Must be able to contribute to HSTR and Geonosis TB

    Raid times:
    HSTR 9pm UTC
    HAAT 7pm UTC
    Rancor: auto sim

    Our goal is to have 50 members that are passionate about the game and want to work together to rule the galaxy! We have a core group approximately 20 members that have been together since the start.  Guild GP 128M. We are a fun guild of daily players seeking the same.

    Guild guidelines, code of conduct, and requirements

    All members are required to follow guild code of conduct.
    •Always assume a positive outlook, intent, and attitude when chatting or DM other members.
    •No Trolling and or bullying
    •Have fun and encourage guildmates to progress

    •We use in game communication in chat headers and commands for TB and TW. Please follow in game commands. If you need help ask an officer.
    •Be active in every phase of Territory Battles

    •All members must sync their accounts with
    •All members must join guild chat on either Discord server or via LINE app.
    •All members must participate in all TB/and Heroic Raids.
    •TW participation is preferred. If you join you MUST participate.
    •550 minimum Daily Raid Tickets, participation and contributions are required unless you notify officers or guild Leader of absence via discord or LINE.

    3 days inactive without notification, or failure to follow requirements will result in removal from guild.
  • X7dt4SX.jpg
    A friendly and active guild with a community of players who are looking for NEW members at all levels. We have a vast range of experienced members from across the world who will strive to make you the best you providing all the support you will need.

    Check out our Guild:

    The following requirements apply to our guild:

     Min level 60+
     Discord is mandatory we have a strong bot-assisted planning system for TBs and TW.
     Have a profile
     Participate in all guild related activities - TB, TW and Raids!
     Earn your guild tickets daily 500+
     And most of all enjoy the game
     Part of an alliance of 6 Guilds who share a wealth of knowledge and experience in all levels in SWGOH.

    Our alliance Discord server is run by ZMAN who also runs the discord server for YouTube star Mobilegamer.

    If you are interested in our ever-progressing and successful guild or you have any questions please feel free to join our guild and contact Soulreaver or DM him on Discord.

    The Legend of Zeta

    It's dangerous to go alone. Here, take this! <3

    Contact me:
    About us:
    • The Legend of Zeta is an active guild looking to fill our last 4 slots to replace inactive folks.
    • English chat, primarily USA Central and Eastern but we welcome players from around the world.
    • We have a good sized group of heavy hitters (with Revan, CLS, JTR, etc.) dedicated to helping all levels as we progress.
    • We are mostly working adults with families, we want to progress but real life is always Priority 1.

    Event info:
    • Guild daily activities reset time 2230 UTC (1830 EDT New York).
    • Raids start 0100 UTC (2100 EDT New York) and 1700 UTC (1300 EDT New York), raids refresh 0400 UTC (midnight EDT New York)
    • HAAT, HPIT, STR t6 on farm, nearly ready for HSTR
    • avg 25k+ raid tickets per reset
    • Hoth TB avg 29+ stars and rising
    • TW win ratio ~80%

    Requirements of you:
    • Be active.
    • No rules for daily raid tickets, we only ask that you contribute what you can.
    • Please join all events that you are eligible for, or let us know if you will not be available.
    • Maintain daily-ish activity. We remove those who are inactive for more than 7 days, but we always accommodate 'life' if you give us notice.
    • Our guild Discord chat is not required but highly recommended.

    Our only other rule is have fun! We often chat Star Wars in between discussing game strategies.

    If interested, please see contact details at the top, or just apply to the guild in game. Hope to see you at the cantina, and may the Tri-Force be with you!

    N.B.: No I am not interested in joining your guild or alliance, thank you for the offers

  • Looking for an guild earning 24* in Geo TB? Join RHAL!! 194 mil GP
    RHAL (Really has a Life) is Territory Battles focused Guild in WWL (We With Lives) alliance. We are only running the New Geonosian TB and are currently getting 20 stars.
    Guild Requirements:
    Minimum 500 tickets daily with 600 preferred
    Synced profile
    Discord chat app and active communication required
    Roster ready for STR, TB/TW teams, and working on Geonosis TB teams including Seps, Geos, and Brood Alpha.
    Guild Events:
    24 :star: in Geonosis DS TB
    Rancor: Simmed after 24 hr ZDP
    hAAT: Launch at 1:00pm ET/5:00 pm GMT. 24 hr ZDP. 15 min delay before any damage,
    30 min before posting solos
    hSTR: 3:00 pm ET/7:00 pm GMT. 24 hr ZDP
    US based Eastern time guild reset - 6:30 pm ET
    We are a part of the WWL (We With Lives) alliance. A great group and community always willing to help you out even if it isn’t game related. We do understand that people have lives, so you won't be removed for minor issues. If there is a problem, let us know. Leave of absences can be arranged. May of the Alliances members have been playing for multiple years and are all whiling to share knowledge.
    If this looks appealing to you, friend me on Discord eamus_catuli#3545 and we can chat.
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    Force Users Anonymous (FUA) is an ~150 million GP independent guild with all heroic raids on farm and whose goal is to strike a balance between the high-demands of super-structured guilds and the no demands of completely casual guilds. We maintain a strong commitment to communication, coordination, and active players. We want the guild to progress and our players with it. Right now, that means focusing on Geonosian TB and improving in TW.

    We have 3 openings, preferably for player in 2.5+ mil GP range but will consider well-developed 1.5+ mil GP players.

    On the casual side this means:
    • We make allowances for real life events, as long as you communicate impacts to guild officers
    • We don't require you to have or farm specific toons
    • We don't require a daily 600 tickets. 400+ a day is usually fine
    • We share a server with 4 other independent guilds, so there are lots of opportunities for sharing info and casual chat

    On the structured side this means:
    • We expect you treat everyone else with respect and common decency.
    • We require full participation to the best of your ability in TW and TB.
    • For Geo TB we have a specific strategy we expect players to follow and contribute to.
    • For TW we work with your roster and preferences as much as possible.
    • You are on Discord, get Discord notifications for messages tagged to you or the guild, and you watch our Discord channels for important information.

    Current Stats
    • ~150 million GP
    • 38 stars in Hoth LSTB
    • 40 stars in Hoth DSTB
    • 13 stars in most recent DS Geo TB, expecting ~15 in next
    • We win TW ~50% of the time
    • Guild reset time is 7:30pm Pacific

    Come chat with us on the Dark Council Mortis server or message Ziro#0562.
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  • Interested in elite guilds casual guild or a mix I got all 3 where ever you fit or wish to go is open all 3 guilds ran by me itnis not an alliance it is strictly 3 different styles of play to fit anyone... Standards are last to join either one except the wampas... That one you have to be active open to mergers and anything of the sort to bring members in... Just DM me if interested and I can tell u more eventually I will post stats on all but only the highest guild does great both other run heroic on all

    Wampas quick stats below

    HOTH LS45* DS47*
    TW 60% +

    WOOKIES Is all heroic and GEOS 5*s

    BETA is NEW currently just trying to fill also the waiting guild currently to join wampas

    Contact me in game 695 487 235
    Discord at darkjedi#4825 (25 mil) 202 mil 100 mil
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  • Revenge of Alderan ( is recruiting active players. We are an organized, competitive guild with 149 million GP without the strict requirements of an "elite" guild. You will never be required to spend money or farm specific characters. We look for players who are active, contribute on a daily basis and don't cause unnecessary drama in chat. That said, real life comes first and we do not remove guild members without attempting to reach out if there is a problem. In return, we ask for the courtesy of letting us know if you have a vacation or other scheduling issue that might interfere with guild events so that we can plan around it.

    Guild Rules:
    Discord required.
    Account must be sync'd on
    600 tickets/day are encouraged but not strictly tracked.

    Guild Events:
    Participation in Territory Battles (16 stars) required.
    Participation in Territory Wars optional (Players who join must participate).
    All raids are heroic with a 24 hour join period:
    Heroic Pit is simmed at 11:59 PM UTC
    Heroic Tank Takedown starts at 1:59 AM UTC
    Heroic Sith Triumvirate starts at 10:59 PM UTC

    If you are interested, apply in-game, contact us through our recruitment channel on Discord ( or contact D4rth Styx directly for more information or an invite. My ally code in game is 681-864-325 or my Discord ID is Styx#4328.
  • Bobas Shrimp

    Current Members; 50/50 (So need to discuss before we do swap outs)

    Guilds GP: 105million (Est around 95 after kicking Previously mentioned players)

    TB Light: 34 // Dark: 33 (Next TB will move into Geo est around 8-10 Stars)

    TW: 21 Win Streak

    HSTR Farming - Strategically running (So we can't just run and expect to finish without thoughts still

    F2P Guild (With some baby Whales, but no pressure to spend)

    Looking for 1.5+ Mil players (Around 1 mill if you have a good toons list)

    Ally Code; 745 - 754 - 344

    DM for further Questions :D
  • accx8x.jpg

    Are you a casual, but active player? Perhaps you're new and need some help getting started? Or maybe you just think the galaxy could do with less scruffy nerfherders and more gentlewookies?! Well, you're home now friend.

    We're a growing guild with no requirements to join. Our only rule is a 10-day inactivity boot (with exceptions always granted if requested - we all need an intergalactic holiday sometimes!)

    About Us:
    • Currently running Heroic Rancor, T4 Sith & T6 Tank (all with a 24hr join period).
    • Average 16* Hoth Territory Battles but improving regularly.
    • Good Territory War record - we tend to win around 4 of every 5 on average.
    • Mainly F2P players, a mixture of old masters and padawans.
    • A friendly, supportive atmosphere where there are no stupid questions.
    • No entry requirements, all are welcome!

    If this sounds like a group you'd like to join, simply contact Tizzyhound [382-753-691] or search for us ingame, no invite required!

    May The Force Be With You,
    The League of Gentlemen
  • Moofmilking Nerfherders:

    Core Group of Players seeking to add ~10-15 Active and Mature Players in order to increase Guild progression including Raids, Territory Battles, Territory Wars, and overall Guild Camaraderie

    Current Galactic Power: 122 Million; 2.9 Million player average

    North American Based and English-Speaking Guild

    Reset Time: 1930 EST (1530 UTC)

    Heroic Raids: 24-hour timer initiated once tickets accumulate:
    1. HSTR: 1600 EST (1200 UTC); ~8 Million secures top 10 rewards
    2. HAAT: 1800 EST (1400 UTC)
    3. HPit (Sim): 1800 EST (1400 UTC)

    Territory Battles:
    1. Light Side: 34*
    2. Dark Side: 35*
    3. Geonosis: 11* (good strategy, need more fire power to increase stars)

    Territory Wars: 52 wins since Guild inception, majority over the last eight months

    Preferences: Guild walk-ins are welcome (just search “Moofmilking Nerfherders”) but would prefer the below:
    1. 2 Million GP
    2. 450+ Raid tickets per day
    3. Raids: If you join, follow all Officer orders by phase
    4. Territory Battles: At Minimum, Deploy all Units
    5. Territory Wars: If you join, follow all Officer orders for deployment
    6. Jedi Knight Revan (or actively farming to unlock)
    7. Darth Revan (or actively farming to unlock)
    8. Three of the following squads: Commander Luke Skywalker, Bounty Hunter, Night Sister, Emperor Palpatine, or Rey Jedi Training
    9. Create a account

    Other Notes:
    1. Ask questions and be eager to improve both your roster and the Guild
    2. We do have some spenders but investing money is not a requirement
    3. Independent Guild and not part of an Alliance
    4. Join and utilize our DISCORD server containing strategies, bots, and more:
    5. Players removed after 7-days of no participation unless previously communicated with Guild Officers; real life happens are we are willing to work with you

    For more information contact Brill Council (573-662-454) via in-game PM or join the guild in-game by searching “Moofmilking Nerfherders”

    We hope to talk to you soon!
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    Guild: Just taking it easy
    Gp: 147m
    Fully heroic

    Play how you want. Just be active.

    We only require active participation and take lower GPs on a case by case basis. Whether you're looking to move up in the world or take a step back from something highly competitive, were the guild for you. Pm me here or in game: 839287322
  • GalacticTeam1 is an independent, awesome group of guys that are continuously looking for ways to improve as a team. Currently looking for 1 player
    What we offer:
    • 161MM gp independent guild (49/50)
    • People from all over but primarily CST/EST based
    • 17 Stars in Geo TB
    • Winning TW record, including current winning 7 of last 8
    • HSith on farm, rotating times between 10:30am and 5:30pm EST
    • HAAT on farm, HPit sim, both with 24 hour join periods
    What we are looking for:
    • Fully active in all aspects of game, especially TW and TBs
    • GP of 3.0Mil+, exceptions can be made for exceptional rosters
    • Strong TW teams (ideally Malak ready)
    • Strong separatist toons or currently farming for Geo TB
    • Good fleet (HT, Mil Falcon, Galactic Republic)
    • Discord for communication to coordinate TBs and other activity
    • People are that are competitive but like to have fun
    • 500 to 600 daily raid tickets

    Check out our profile at:
    or swing by our Discord channel (
    Message me here or look me up on Discord at Wildcat#7773 if you have any questions. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Do you have 2.0 mil gp or higher??
    We have 49 members
    You must have one of the following: C3po,Chewy, Revan, Darth Revan, Padme
    All Heroic raids-alternate weeks-24 hour check-in
    Week 1- Heroic rancor- 8pm EST week 2-7pm EST
    Heroic AAT- 10pm EST week 2-8pm EST
    Heroic Sith raid- 9pm EST week 2-6pm EST
    Mandatory: 600 raid tickets, TB and TW participation
    Consistently win TW
    Contact me:
    Ally code:516-413-261
    discord:light matter#0565
    Guild Reset time: 6:30pm CST
    We are a multinational English-speaking guild seeking active players with a GP of 1 million or more to contribute to our growth and success. We are a casual but serious group; we would like you to play and contribute daily but understand that real life is a thing.
    Chat and Territory wars are mandatory, discord is optional. We have a couple of raid rules but its mostly to help us meet the Rancor sim requirements.
    Guild GP is currently >75 million, 45/50 players.
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    ♤ RedNines ♤

    Fun Loving and Friendly.
    140 mil gp North American Guild.
    Full Heroic.
    Currently gearing and prepping for Geo TB.
    Must be active!!

    RedNine Membership Rules:
    • Display a courteous demeanor.
    • 2 million GP minimum
    • Achieve 600 tickets daily.
    • Full participation in guild activites.
    • 2 days of inactivity results in removal unless officers are notified beforehand.
    • Discord and a profile are highly recommended.

    Raids launch times:
    (HAAT/HPIT Sim) - 6:00 pm EST
    (HSTR) - 7:00pm EST

    Come for the loot and stay for the fun!
    Respond here, swgoh, or add us via Discord.
    R9 Apoc#8112
    Ally code: 322-183-482

    Sec C Dangon#6960
  • Bolstering our ranks and prepping for the next Geo TB!

    Join Wayward Knights!
    Global HSTR Guild. 153 mil GP and currently 46 members. Coming alone? No problem. Several players looking for a new home - also no problem. Get in touch!

    Active discord channels

    Friendly and active guild seeking active players
    2 million GP minimum with good squad depth. Others considered
    TB Stars:
    41 Light and 42 Dark Hoth
    Working on Geo TB at the moment, so this is our preferred TB at the moment.

    HSTR: 24 hour join period
    Rotating start time (12am/6am/12pm/6pm UTC)

    We ask you stay active and participate in all events, including Territory War, Battles and let us know of any breaks. We also ask you to contribute the 600 daily tickets.

    Discord and swgoh account required
    Join our discord server and send us a link to your swgoh account. See you there!
  • Looking for 10 more players.


    For our guild Phantom Uprising we are looking for 10 daily active players. We are 1of 6 guilds of the Phantom alliance. Discord is mandatory and a account recommanded.
    Contact me on discord if you want to join us.
    You find me as Domi#0060.
    I bent my wookiees is currently looking for enthusiastic and dedicated players to fill up slots in our ranks.

    we are a 3+ year guild with plenty of adaptive experience moving us forward.
    GUILD IS INDEPENDANT..Meaning once you join a guild it is your guild forever unless you choose to move... U will never be asked or told to move to a differant guild for any reason

    At 106 GP, currently (140+when full)
    membership guarantees:

    TW 2-3 Zetas winning record
    GEOS 10 * OR MORE when full

    Minimum requirements are standard:
    2mil GP + is wanted BUT lower GP is welcome to contact and depending on roster you have a good chance of acceptance
    Daily 600 (500 minimum)
    Participation in TB/TW registered (I'll be given time to get it not always MANDATORY)
    Discord (recommended not mandatory)
    .CONTACT darkjedi#4825 for more information
    Or in game at Ally code 762 234 495
  • Hello Holotable Heroes:

    Are you looking for a new guild?

    Hondos Elite Pirates is looking for some new members. We are an Active guild. We just lost some inactive members and some other members have moved on. Looking to add 10-15 members.

    Active Members: 41 members with 38 active
    Guild GP: 69,587,289
    Raids: Heroice Pit and Tank raids on farm. Tier VI sith raid. working towards Heroic sith.
    Territory Wars: very successful and competitive for every 4 wins there is 1 loss
    Territory Battles: Average 25-28 in LS and 26-29 in DS. working towards GEO TB

    We use line app for extra chat, but it is not required. We ask for communication if your going to be gone for a few days. Very helpful and Friendly guild. Hope to have you join soon.

    Contact Dustin at ally code 655-942-991 or just join.
  • JC___
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    Guild Name: Knights of Nowhere

    Current GP: 98,291,362+mil

    We currently have 44/50 members and are looking to max out!!

    We are experienced level 85 players who do Herioc Pit/AAT, and 6* STR on farm. We are doing Geo TB with an average of 7-8*. We are also looking for active members to get 600 raid tickets daily to do raids, and participate in Territory Battles/Territory Wars.

    We also will make accommodations for people who are not level 85 as long as you are active. Just drop a comment in our discord below specifically in the #guild_chat.

    Our discord is: if you have any questions. Ally code is 542-974-838

    We hope you join because you will not regret this decision! May the Force be with you!

    -Your Chief Recruitment Officer
  • True North Force


    True North Force is a fun Canadian based guild with international members. We're looking to fill our membership roster (43/50), and are seeking active members who are interested in participating in all guild activities.

    Our current GP is 122 Million and we run Heroic Sith, Tank and Pit raids. All raids have a 24 hour join period. We sim the Pit raid, the Tank raid is completed within an hour and the Sith within 24 hours. Start times are 6pm EDT.

    We have started Geo TB(11 stars) and are looking for members to help boost our star count. We prefer recruits over 2 Million GP, but are willing to review requests on a case by case basis. We do expect new members to have or be actively working on new characters like Padme, C3PO, Chewbacca, The Revans or Brood Alpha.

    Our Discord server is mandatory as we do all our planning on it. We also expect new members to have or create profiles.

    Members are not removed for missing activities or extended absences for real life, but we do expect regular participation in all events the majority of the time. This includes making sure you join any raids and participating in Territory Battles.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to message me here, or on Discord Master Allan#7018 or in game - Ally Code 698-431-888.

    Hope to see you in True North Force!
  • Our guild “Bravehearts” are looking for new players of any lvl gp to help move forward and grow.

    Currently doing heroic pit/tank & t6 sith

    We have a gp of 46 mil and 24 active daily players.

    Very chilled out guild with some great players, Only thing we ask is you join in with tw events.

    Come join us, the guild is called Bravehearts
  • Daft Plague is a UK based guild (140M GP) currently looking for 2.5M+ GP players searching a permanent guild who want to actively participate in Territory War and Territory Battle.

    We finish HSTR (Launch 7PM UTC) in around 12 hours, HPIT (8PM UTC) is on SIM and HAAT (8PM UTC) on farm with 24 hours joining periods for all 3 raids.

    We’re active but not obsessive; we won't demand 600 tickets and we won't tell you what to farm, but we do ask for active participation in all guild activities; a vast majority of our current members are extremely active and participate to the best of their ability, so you won't be picking up slack from underachievers.

    Our current emphasis is guild events. We regularly beat guilds with 20-30M more GP than us in TW due to our organisation and communication in-game and on Discord.

    We’re currently trying to maximise our stars in TB, trying to get beyond 40* in Hoth TB. We just reached 10* in geo TB as our members are gearing up for it. We are alternating between DS Hoth and geo TB (dropping LS Hoth TB) for the time being.

    You can check us out on discord:

    We currently have 3 spots open.
  • Hi everyone, im rantanplan11 from Marianas Trench ( we are currently searching for active players. We are an active but relaxed guild. Our only requirement is that you play in TB and if you join TW you have to play it (4 defensive teams and 1 fleet)!! (we dont mind if you don’t join TW).
    Must have discord.

    We have a really cool group of people from all around the world and we try to have the raid schedulling good for everyone.

    We have 188M GP missings 2 people

    Our current state is this:
    18* geo tb guarantee. Our goal is to reach 20* next tb.
    HSTR on farm such as HAAT and HPIT (sim).
    HPIT 00:30am GMT; HAAT 00:30am GMT, HSTR 10:00pm GMT
    Our win rate in TW is about 80%
    We are also part of na aliance. Farmers to Whales Https://

    If you want to join please DM
    (officer) – rantanplan11 #2542
    Dark Lords of Droxine
    178 mil GP

    We are a proud part of the Thrawn’s Dark Lord Raid Rekkers Alliance.

    Heroic Sith Guild looking to fill our ranks. A lot of us have been together for over 3 years and have a great relationship with each other.

    Mostly UK based with GMT time guild resets. Raids launch at 19:00 or 20:00pm GMT (depending on summer or winter time)

    Our goal is to keep winning TWs and get max stars on TBs. Raids are of no concern.

    We require:
    ~ Participation in ALL Guild events
    ~ Communication - it is vital
    ~ Discord is compusory
    ~ A account
    ~ 600 daily tickets

    Raids are all on auto launch and rancor is set to auto sim.

    TW and TB participation is expected.
    85% winning record for TW. Many guild members have had their 50 wins reward
    We only miss about 4 stars in both TBs

    If you’re interested please feel free to contact myself or our recruiter.
    Dean / Palps minions#6963

    Ally code:
    Ilinso: 624-542-756
    Palpatines Minion’s: 719-132-383
  • Join Daft Plague and have fun again!

    DP seems to be where engaged players who don’t want to have people barking at them for 600 tickets come to settle down. We’re about 3.5 years old and many of us have been here a long time. It’s a good group.

    We’re running Geo TB, HSTR and win TW probably 2 in every 3. Around 140m GP and 3m average.

    We have 47 players, with around 35-40 of those fully active. Good numbers but we’re building to the dream of 50/50 engaged and regular players. *By engaged we mean you pull your weight and you communicate, but real life can get in the way. We don’t and won’t tell you who to farm, nor do we track tickets. But if you stop doing your bit we will cycle you out.*

    So we would welcome players that fit that mould either individually or in groups. If there are larger groups we can certainly discuss how we could accommodate you.

    DM me to chat further.

  • Ucmo
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    Join our discord server to apply! Just say "Struggle Recruit" and post your profile -

    • ~211m gp
    • HSTR at 8:30 pm EST, Pit & Haat at 9 pm EST
    • 25 Geo stars - Territory Battle
    • In the interest of full transparency, here is our roster: Struggle Roster <--- (Click Link)


    Struggle is recruiting active, friendly players and a minimum 3.8M Galactic Power (must have JKR & DR - Strong Seps, or work in progress).

    1. Play daily - 600 raid tickets per day (unless posted AFG).
    2. Syncing your squad with is required.
    3. Joining our discord server is required.
    4. Participate in raids (zero damage counts as participation) & TW/Geo TB.
    5. That's it! It isn't much, but it helps ensure a continued active environment where daily players can enjoy the rewards from being in an active environment.

    How to apply:

    Join our Struggle Recruiting discord server -

    Chat with our officers to see if we have room and see if we are a good fit for you. Just say "Struggle Recruit" and post your profile.

    Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions about things we may not have covered in this post.


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