Fix the Mod Challenges

I run a full energy sim on MK V (5 dot) mod challenge. I usually get 2 or mor 3 and 4 dot mods. Then to top it it off, the 5 dot mods that show up are multiples of the same thing ie 3 circles, 3 squares, etc.

Make it so the results will be a minimum of 1 for each slot the characters have. The a couple duplicates will do no harm.


  • I think it is by design that arrows, triangles and crosses are more rare. Pretty annoying considering that they have more options for primary stat and most of them are usually of no use with the type of mod you are farming.

    But I agree about 3 and 4 dot mods. They have no viability since mod energy was introduced. The same goes for receiving 3 and 4 dot mods from events. They are only useful to be sold for few credits - but you can actually go and buy 4 dot mod in store for ~1.5M :o

    I would like to see some stats about what percentage of mods used by players are 4 or 3 dot mods and how many endgame players are using 4 or 3 dot mods.
  • Liath
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    It would be nice if they would add a new tier that only drops 5 dot mods.
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