Prestigious Quest: Fulcrum (3 of 4)

Given the SWGOH content continues to evolve, is there a way to update the requirements of the prestigious quests to match the content? An example that I am stuck on is on the Fulcrum quest... One of the requirements on TIER 3 of the quest is:

Infiltrate: Defeat Hoth Rebel Assault P6 Rouge1 Mission

I have done this mission several times over the last two years, but now with GeoTB, I am not sure my guild or any decent sized guild will ever do Hoth TB again. I just unlocked the quest today with a 5th TW win with Cassian, but am now disappointed I can progress no further.

Please consider adding a new, different requirement to allow players to continue to work towards these unique prestigious quests without comprising other aspects of the game.

Thanks for your consideration


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