Admiral Galak Fyyar, Shadow Trooper, and Reborn Warrior Kit Reveal (FAN MADE)

Video Version:


UNIT NAME: Admiral Galak Fyyar


CATEGORIES: Dark Side, Remnant, Tank

Deadly Tank who protects allies and hinders enemies with stuns


BASIC: Mounted Mini-Gun


FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy and inflict Defense Down for 2 turns.

Special 1: Magnetic-Shock Claw (Cooldown 4)


FINAL TEXT: Deal Special damage to all enemies, Stun them for 1 turn, and inflict Shock on target enemy for 2 turns.

Special 2: Personal Deflector Shield (Cooldown 3)


FINAL TEXT: Gain 30% Protection and grant bonus Protection to all allies equal to 25% of Admiral Fyyar's max Protection, then gain Damage Immunity for 1 turn, which can't be prevented, dispelled, or copied. While Admiral Fyyar has Damage Immunity, he gains Speed Down, Taunt, and is called to assist when an ally uses a special ability.

Unique: Admiral of the Imperial Remnant


FINAL TEXT (ZETA): Admiral Fyyar has 25% bonus Tenacity and Defense while he has protection and +10% Counter Chance for each Remnant ally when he doesn't. Whenever an enemy damages his Health, there's a 60% chance to call a random Remnant ally to counter attack. Whenever Admiral Fyyar uses his basic ability, he gains 5% Protection.


UNIT NAME: Shadow Trooper


CATEGORIES: Dark Side, Remnant, Sith, Attacker

Deadly attacker who gains massive speed and damage while stealthed


BASIC: Ruthless Slash


FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy and have a 60% chance to attack again. If the target enemy is Jedi, increase chance for bonus attack to 100%.

Special: Stealth Suit (Cooldown 3)


FINAL TEXT: Gain Stealth and Speed Up for 2 turns. While Stealthed, Shadow Trooper gains +50% Offense and Speed, but looses -50% Tenacity and Defense.

Unique 1: Cortosis Armor


FINAL TEXT: While not in Stealth, Shadow Trooper has 50% bonus Defense and 25% bonus Critical Avoidance and Tenacity, but has -50% Speed. While not in Stealth, Shadow Trooper takes 30% reduced damage from any lightsaber attack. While not in stealth, Shadow Trooper's basic attack inflicts Ability Block for 2 turns on target enemy.

Unique 2: Stealthed Ambush


FINAL TEXT: At the start of the battle, Shadow Trooper gains Stealth for 1 turn. During his first turn, he ignores Taunts and can only use his Basic ability, but the first hit will deal 25% bonus Physical damage and inflict Armor Shred. This attack cannot be evaded.


UNIT NAME: Reborn Warrior


CATEGORIES: Dark Side, Remnant, Sith, Support

Devote support who burdens enemies with a variety of debuffs


BASIC: There Is No Escape


FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy, inflict Evasion Down for 2 turns, and gain Speed Up for 1 turn. If the target enemy is Jedi, this attack cannot be Evaded.

Special 1: Do You Fear Me? (Cooldown 2)


FINAL TEXT: Inflict Fear for 1 turn on target enemy which cannot be Evaded or Resisted. In addition, inflict Ability Block on a random enemy for 1 turn and grant a random ally Speed Up for 1 turn.

Special 2: I Will Break You (Cooldown 3)


FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy and inflict Armor Shred, then inflict Daze and Expose on 2 random enemies for 2 turns. If the target already had armor shred, Reborn Warrior uses his basic attack immediately.

Unique: Devote Disciples


FINAL TEXT: Reborn warrior has an additional 10% Health Steal for each Sith ally. Reborn Warrior grants himself Advantage for 1 turn and a random Sith or Remnant ally Defense Penetration for 2 turns whenever he uses a special ability. The first 2 times he is defeated, Reborn Warrior will revive at 50% Health and 100% Turn Meter as long as there is another living Sith ally.


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