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Okay, so it’s been a while since the recent Anakin rework, and though I think it can be improved, I came up with a new idea to freshen things up a bit.
The Geonosian Brood Alpha’s summon mechanic allows for a lot of speculation as to who could potentially use it in terms of new characters. However, there is one way it can be used that nobody would ever suspect: being able to play both sides of a battle.
Now, who’s the first character to come to mind when thinking about a double agent? That’s right: Darth Sidious. He played both sides of the entire Clone Wars, portraying Chancellor Palpatine in the Galactic Republic while secretly supporting the Separatist movement as the deceptive Dark Lord of the Sith. I believe that with Anakin’s legendary Hero’s Fall event on the distant horizon, this is the perfect time to give him a rework to work alongside his apprentice, Lord Vader.
Darth Sidious

Dark Side, Sith, Separatist, Attacker, Leader

Deceptive Sith master who works all Critical Hits into his favor by playing both sides of the battle.

Basic: Deathstroke
Deal Physical Damage to target enemy, dispel all buffs on them, and inflict Healing Immunity for 3 turns. If the target was already debuffed, this attack ignores defense and can’t be Evaded.

Special 1: Demoralizing Blows (cooldown: 4)
Deal Physical Damage to all enemies and inflict Damage Over Time and Expose for 2 turns. This attack inflicts an additional Damage Over Time effect on all enemies for each enemy Critically Hit. Galactic Republic enemies and enemies that were already debuffed are also inflicted with Daze and Blind for 2 turns. This attack ignores Tenacity.

Special 2: It’s Treason, Then (cooldown: 5)
Deal Physical Damage to target enemy and Special Damage to all Jedi enemies. Target enemy is Stunned for 1 turn, increased to 2 if they were a Jedi. If the target was already debuffed, reduce their Max Protection by 50% for the rest of the encounter (if the target is a Raid Boss and they are debuffed, instead reduce their Max Tenacity by 50% for the rest of the encounter). This attack can’t be Evaded or resisted.

Leader: Dark Lord of the Sith (ZETA)
All allies have +10% Critical Chance and +20% Critical Damage, doubled for Sith and Separatist allies, and all units have -30% Critical Avoidance. Sith and Separatist allies gain 3% Offense (stacking) whenever they score a Critical Hit. While Darth Sidious is alive, enemies with Damage Over Time take damage equal to 4% of their Max Health at the start of each turn. This damage can’t defeat characters.

Unique 1: Unlimited Power (ZETA)
At the start of the encounter, whenever any unit is defeated, and whenever he is Critically hit, Darth Sidious recovers 20% of his Max Health, gains 25% turn meter, and gains Stealth for 1 turn. While Stealthed, his attacks ignore Protection. In addition, he has +10% Potency for each Sith and each Separatist ally, +35% Evasion against Jedi, +5% Tenacity for each debuff on enemies, and gains bonus Max Protection equal to his Potency percentage. At the start of the encounter, Sidious takes a bonus turn and access to a new ability, Infiltrate. This is the only ability he can use during this turn.

Infiltrate: Summon Chancellor Palpatine to the enemy squad’s ally slot. If that slot is already filled, instantly defeat the unit in that slot, then summon Palpatine to that slot. This attack can’t be Evaded and can only be used once.

Unique 2: Chancellor Palpatine
Light Side, Support, Galactic Republic
Basic: Diplomatic Solution
Deal Physical Damage to target enemy and grant them Heal Over Time for 2 turns. If attacking out of turn, also grant them Protection Over Time for 2 turns. This attack can’t be Evaded.
Special: Peaceful Negotiations (cooldown: 2)
Heal all units for 20% of their Max Health. Sith and Separatist enemies also recover 20% of their Max Protection. Refresh the duration of all Damage Over Time effects on allies and all Heal Over Time effects on enemies to 2 turns.
Unique 1: Supreme Chancellor of the Republic
All allies have +20% Critical Chance and call a random ally to assist whenever they score a Critical Hit during their turn, limited once per turn. Chancellor Palpatine can’t be targeted by enemy attacks and is immune to debuffs, but has 0 Speed, which can’t be changed, and he can’t gain bonus turn meter. He takes a bonus turn after each of enemy Darth Sidious’s turns, and enemy Darth Sidious gains 5% Max Health (stacking) whenever any unit scores a Critical Hit. When there are no active allied combatants, or when enemy Darth Sidious is defeated, Palpatine escapes the battle.
Unique 2: Summoned
-This unit’s stats scale with the summoner’s stats.
-This unit can only be summoned to the ally slot if it’s available.
-This unit can’t be summoned during Raids.
-This unit can’t be revived.
-If an effect counts defeated units, this unit doesn’t count.
-When there are no active allied combatants, this unit escapes the battle.
-A unit can’t be revived if this unit exists in their slot.
There you have it. This is what I believe to be the ideal kit for Darth Sidious. I hope you enjoyed observing this fanmade kit, and I hope Capital Games is giving it a good look, too.

Edit: Changed the ability description of Special 2. That was a really good comment, I had to do this. Also changed name of Special 2 and Unique 1.
Edit: Changed ability description of Unique 1. That was a really good idea, I decided to make that change.
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  • SemiGod
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    Its good but DR > Palp > Traya > Sideous

    In terms of sith leads.
  • This is a really cool idea I could actually see this happen
    This is... SPARTAAAAAAA
  • AntiFunn
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    Good but a think there are just too many debuffs that Sidious inflicts.

    Also for his Special 2, change the name to "It's Treason then"
    Animation would be him flying up in the air, landing in front of his main target and attacking them. lol
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  • Banmeong
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    Special: Execute Order 66
    All enemy clone next attack will attacking another teammates. Inflict Defense Down and Daze for 2 turn to all light side enemies. Inflict Armor Shred to Jedi for the rest of the battle, this attack starts on cooldown
  • I had a similar kit idea a while back based on the stance idea. Hope its not annoying if i put it here:

    Chancellor Palpatine/Darth Sidious
    Disguised Sith support who switches kits to fit the situation
    Dark Side, Support, Galactic Republic, Sith

    basic- Impose Will
    - Chancellor stance: Inflict daze and defense down on target enemy. If the target had both these debuffs, remove 20% turn meter and dispel 2 random buffs off target enemy. If these debuffs are resisted, Palpatine recovers 15% health and protection.
    - Sidious stance: Deal speciall damage to target enemy and inflict ability block for 1 turn. If this attack is resisted or evaded, Sidious gains 50% turn meter

    special- How Liberty Dies: Palpatine recovers 30% health and protection. All allies lose 10% health and protection and gain 2 Blind effects for 2 turns. This ability is only active when in the Chancellor Palpatine stance. (cooldown 3, stacks with Dark Whirlwind)

    special- Dark Whirlwind: Sidious deals unavoidable special damage to target enemy and inflict Expose on all enemies for 2 turns. Any enemies with Ability Block or Expose gain another Expose effect. Target ally and random other ally gain Fear for 1 turn. Sidious recovers 50% protection if the target had Ability Block, Expose, Fear, or Blind. This ability is only active in the Darth Sidious stance. (cooldown 3, stacks with How Liberty Dies)

    special- It’s Treason Then: switch stance to the opposite and gain 100% turn meter
    - if switching to Chancellor Palpatine: gain Potency Up and Tenacity Up
    - if switching to Darth Sidious: gain Offense Up and Critical Chance Up

    This ability’s cooldown is reduced by 1 whenever Palpatine/Sidious inflicts a debuff(cooldown 3).

    unique- Feigned Weakness: in Chancellor stance, Palpatine is immune to turn meter reduction and cannot gain debuffs if he is buffed. Palpatine gains stealth for 2 turns upon entering this stance. If there are no allied combatants, Chancellor escapes from battle.

    unique- Unlimited Power: in Sidious stance, Sidious is immune to critical hits and inflicts expose on any enemies who gain buffs out of turn. Sidious gains 30% offense(stacking) every time he enters this stance. If there are no allied combatants, It’s Treason Then cannot be used.

    unique- I am the Senate: At the beginning of each encounter, Palpatine/Sidious takes a bonus turn to select a stance. [ZETA: This does not affect the cooldown of It’s Treason Then. Palpatine/Sidious gains Damage Immunity for 2 turns after this bonus turn. This Damage Immunity cannot be dispelled]
  • That’s an interesting kit. I like your idea, although the wording is a little confusing. Both Palpatine and Sidious are playing the same side in yours, while in my idea, he’s playing both sides to achieve victory. I still like your idea of stance shifting. That could come into play in another character, but I don’t know who yet...
  • Thanks. I like your kit by the way, the summoning in enemy side is cool. But, if Sidious was against zzGBA, who would be summoned? Would it be a coin flip?
  • Hmmm...good question. I would have to have a serious think about that.

    If there were two characters on the same squad who could each summon their own unit to the ally slot, assuming there is only one ally slot, then the higher summon priority would most likely go to the unit that is either in the leader slot or the closest to the leader slot. However, since we’re talking about an summoning a unit into the enemy’s ally slot, both summoners in their respective leader slots, that’s a whole different story. This could go potentially two ways:

    1. Darth Sidious manages to summon Chancellor Palpatine into the GBA led ally slot first, meaning the Brute can’t be summoned until any unit in GBA’s squad is defeated.
    2. GBA manages to summon the Geonosian Brute into its own ally slot first, meaning Palpatine can’t infiltrate GBA’s squad until any unit in GBA’s squad is defeated.

    This is assuming that units that are summoned to the ally slot at the start of the encounter wait for a unit to be defeated in order to take their place. Since we only have one character in the game currently who can summon their own units, we can’t know for sure what will happen. I’m not entirely sure who would gain the upper hand in the situation of summoning a support unit, but it could be based on comparison of powers. For example, if Brood Alpha has a power of 22,500 and Sidious has only 18,500, the Brood Alpha would gain the upper hand and be able to summon his unit first. Or, of course, it could be a 50-50 chance, a coin flip, as you said. There are a lot of ways to decide who gets the upper hand, but it’s up to the guys up at Capital Games to set it in stone. Hopefully, they will take a look at this and rework Sidious accordingly, because he’s an awesome character who could really make an impact in the meta if he got a rework.
  • Perhaps there can be a clause added “Sidious instantly defeats summoned units at the start of the battle and summons Chancellor.” That way, there doesn’t need to be the power margins(since that wouldn’t be fair if characters don’t have equal ability numbers/zetas), and Palpatine could counter geos(which makes sense since his apprentice killed them in the end). Just a thought, take it with a grain of salt, but otherwise great kit. I like the blind mechanics since the Jedi were blind to his true identity. Nice touch.
  • This is actually a very good idea. Fan-made kits are usually kinda crappy, but this one's not.
  • This is actually a very good idea. Fan-made kits are usually kinda crappy, but this one's not.

    Some man-made kits are crappy. Some are great.
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