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    CCyrilS wrote: »
    CCyrilS wrote: »
    Overrated, overhyped and overpriced.

    Overrated: yet he's the strongest character in the game.

    Overhyped: yet everyone who is smart wants him because of how good he is.

    Overpriced: it's a given.

    Lots of toons were the strongest at the time (nerf rey?).

    Of all OP toons, I think we have more counters to malak than we had to any of the previous metas.

    Idk about more counters but more plug and play versatility your right. I dont concider dr+ thrawn and dr+ gmy seperate counters. Just diferent versions of the same counter.

    There's also padme and a couple droid variations.

    Like i said, at this point in a meta its not unusual to have 2-3 anti-metas, but the amount of variation to these counters is quite unusual
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