Hoth phase 2 Rogue One Special Mission

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I just completed the Special Mission in phase 2 of Hoth, the one that requires Rogue One characters, and once I killed the last character the game sat there for about a minute before the "Mission Complete" notification came up. Didn't think much more of it than that.
But then I get back to the Guild Chat and two members are saying that the mission crashed for them when they attempted it and now they can't use the characters they committed to it.

Anyone else having issues with it?


  • Issues with what exactly?
    the crashing part, well dont know about Hoth, but geo is constantly crashing and freezing.

    for the characters, unfortunately, as soon as you enter battle with a charecter, he is deployed to that area and can not be used again
  • Stenun
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    Issues with that particular mission is what I meant. Is this a sudden new bug that lots of people are encountering or are we just unlucky?
  • I'd guess it's nothing new. Crashes in TB happen from time to time which is unfortunate. Your guild is probably just unlucky. As for geo TB, I see a lot of people having issue, but I've not experienced crashes myself... yet.
  • I have one tip that I have used sometimes that fixed the huge delay at the end of a mission.

    I turn off WiFi, get the connection error message, hit retry, then when using cellular data it seems to connect instantly.

    Turn WiFi back on and everything is rosy.

    Have to do this several times a week, in TB, TW and especially HSTR.
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