Is speed a matter on NS / Anakin in P3

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Ignoring the discussion about nerfing Anakain or not, is speed a matter when using the JKA / nightsister setup. I am currently able to score 15% with my team when toppling Traya for the first time. Can I get a better result with faster toons? And if the answer is yes, which toons need to be faster?



  • Daka needs to be the fastest imo..

    When I do it, I swap my jkr mods onto daka-around 265ish, av and talzin end up around
    235 ish.

    Once I made everyone faster I went from 10-15% upto 65-100% depending on rng..

  • will try, thanks a lot for the info
  • I slow anakin and asaj way way down. Keep daka around 220. Use stand alone with talzin at end of first topple. Talzin needs health/protection way up to take barrage. Still let her die at end of barrage. Reset topple with asaj.

    At the end of the next topple and barrage you gonna want to kill one saber with asaj basic to revive, then aoe. End phase.
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