B2 Rocket Trooper - incredibly petty QOL request

I would be most appreciative if the Devs could tweak the B2 Rocket Trooper user interface in GeoTB.

When you’re running a mission with no Hero units and you use the B2’s middle move, the game automatically attacks because you are unable to call an assist.

When you’re running a mission with one hero unit (eg the Dooku / Asajj mission on phase 2) it is incredibly frustrating to have to tap on Dooku every time you use the B2’s middle move. You can’t choose a non hero unit. When there’s only one of them, you MUST select them every time.

My gameplay experience - and yours -would be microscopically improved if the game just automatically selected a hero unit when using that move with one and only one hero unit in your line up.

The choice should only be offered when there’s more than one hero unit to choose from.


  • Ultra
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    I disagree

    This same code logic is used with Ezra or FOSF or other toons that lets you choose an Ally target to call for assist (or target mechanics in general)

    I think changing this mechanic won’t just affect B2 but all of them

    Sometimes I miss out that my target cannot be called to assist (dazed) and I can cancel my move and perform the other special or basic given the state of the battle if needed

    I don’t think having to click on the only available assisting unit is incredibly frustrating to do. It’s just an extra tap on the screen
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