Game keeps Crashing....

Hey guys, so for a while now my game keeps crashing spontaneously. Sometimes in GW, sometimes in arena, fleet but lately its in Geo TB and its happening almost daily. I lost out on points yesterday on both my accounts and then today it froze up in the middle of phase 2. Im using a Galaxy Note 8 phone and CG swears its not on their end. Is anyone else experiencing this?? If so, did you fix it? Is there a way to fix it? I have done everything I can think of as far as cleaning the cache and data and cleaned up my phone and so on......


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    I have the same problem. As it has happened last time I lost some gear while I was trying to upgrade my new Padmé. Therefore I contacted the EA Support and they told me that the problem is already known and the technical specialists are taking care of, but it is uncertain if there will be a compensation and if what kind of compensation.
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  • Annoying, isn't it? I stopped sending in tickets after the 4th or 5th one. Always get the runaround and still no help at all.
  • people have been making these posts for months now, the posts get moved to AnswerHQ, in no particular organized way. there are over 10,000 different posts there when you type in 'game freeze' at AnswersHQ so there is not one place for us to really focus on to document and follow up on.


    the only response any of the complaints posted in detail there is a 'We have already created a ticket for this issue.' followed by flagging the post on AnswerHQ as solved with no explanation or follow up.


    i made kyno aware twice of the issue being lost in limbo once he moves a discussion there from this forum but he has chosen to ignore it so i had to contact EA directly. EA just needs to organize their customer service better.

    pls go to AnswerGQ and make your own post on this issue or join a post that has not been flagged as 'solved'
  • It happens to me more often when I use the auto mode. I did the last GW in manual and no crashes
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