I got him how about you?



  • Blackbeardpepe
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    I got so tired of waiting for him I moved on. I have a few kryo, some gear, a zeta ready - but he is no where near close for arena.

    I did get him both my wife's acc and my account. 😊
  • Finally got him today after much aggravation and remodding 😆
  • Fauztin
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    "I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar." ~ Hoban Washburne
  • That's a negative. I'll get him on his 113th return possibly. 3rqwhuq6fxnp.jpg

  • eulwsgkh5yke.jpg
  • dlv1986
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    Thought I was gonna have to wait another 6 months.... So close so close nothing for 1 1/2 days. Realized I hadn't zetas anyone but revan and Jolee lucikily was able.to purchase zeta mat #20 after ship.rewards today. LS battle lasted 7 minutes after mission zeta. Honestly had a blast even before the zeta.
  • And to think I blew my monthly zeta on magnatrooper last week during waiting fatigue
  • Got him. That lightside battle was a real learning experience.
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